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  1. So let’s discuss what a Majikoi X dbz crossover AU would be like with Goku as the main character. How could he fit in being born in the Majikoi universe? Would he be related to anyone? Like Momoyo? How strong would he be by the time he’s 17? Would he be the strongest in the series? Who would his girlfriend end up being? (I’m thinking about writing a fanfiction)
  2. So I've been thinking for a while. Wouldn't a Youtube channel dedicated to Visual novel/eroge: news, let's plays, discussions/podcasts, reviews, etc. be awesome? I've been thinking for a while and I think I have a way to make it work with multiple people on the channel. We could have roles assigned right like: Reviewer: Someone who plays visual novels and reviews them on the channel. Let's player: Someone who records and uploads videos onto the channel. Editor: (I'm also a editor) Someone who will be willing to take people's raw footage and edit it to make it more professional or more funn
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