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  1. Thank you, I will definitely look into the game and see what's up with it
  2. Hey fuwa, I was wondering about solid game I could get for my phone that I could spend some time on. I have a Galaxy note 4 so it can get emulators and roms no problem (I dont mind regular apps). I also am kinda dried up on pokemon right now, since I've only downloaded pokemon roms so far. I need a new taste . And maybe you all know of something kickass I can download. Thanks!
  3. Hey there! I'm new as well I just joined Monday. I find it easier to assimilate if you just stay interactive and post/comment. But I'm sure you must know this already.
  4. I'm currently playing Katawa Shoujo right now. It's my second one. depressing you say? Im not readyyyyyy lol
  5. Hello Fuwa, Today I was thinking about visual novels in general and I began to question how exactly did I even get into them. I'm almost positive this has been brought before, but as I'm new here I wouldn't know. Anyways, I thought it'd be cool to hear from others of what got them started. For me, it was after watching the anime 'Oreimo'. The show itself I hate, (fuck that ending, #teamkuroneko), but it made me incredibly curious to try it out. I found fuwa and ended up picking Swan Song at random. I ended up staying up that same night playing it because I was so amused. That's really it. But yeah feedback would be really cool and appreciated. Thanks.
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    Thank you. And I have only played 1 VN ever (Swan Song). I'm getting into it more and I just started Katawa Shoujo today.
  7. SIAS


    Hey fuwa. I joined yesterday and even made a post in the recommendations section. And now I'm posting here because I feel obligated to. Nice to meet you all
  8. I have only ever played through 1 VN, which was Swan Song. As a whole new experience for me, I liked it a lot. Now that I want more, I ask is for something like that. I don't really mind the genre; I was just want a good story with good characters. There must be some time of romance element because I love a good romance. HOWEVER, I want nothing extreme when it comes to the romance part. I don't mind sex scenes, but I do mind over the top weird shit. I don't want my characters covered in shit please. But if I could get some tasteful recommends to get me started I'd appreciate it.
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