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  1. i´m saying that i can't wait dowolf to finish seiso so he can check azumi translation that storyteller is going to send him. i know it's to early for A-2 but knowing that storyteller is back got my hopes up so they can finish A-1 faster
  2. So how are things going with seiso translation? i cant wait for dowolf to start checking storyteller stuff. i know that it may not make things go faster but i cant help getting excited.
  3. i saw that storyteller is back on your page did he gave you his stuff? how are going to proceed from now on?
  4. i noticed that storyteller has disapear hopes he comes back soon. i wanted to know if dowolf has already started azumis route or if you at least have some of storyteller translation? thank for your hard work dont overwork yourselfs take your time
  5. How long do you think is going to take you until you finish the patch? no hurries is just curiosity.
  6. Redjack are you still making the patch? some days ago i saw a new patch but when i checked again it was gone. Thank you for your work.
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