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  1. Hi guys. I'm a member of a visual novel chat in whatsapp. We have 44 members there and its a pretty lively group (we can have total of 100 members there). Those of you who have difficulty opening fuwanovel where ever you go can easily chat or discuss VN related stuff on their phones. Hentai is also allowed there. If any of you want to join then add me on my whatsapp number +923145109051 Or you could message me your number or post your number here. Thanks for your time. Hoping for a positve response
  2. Hi guys Ive made a visual novel group in whatsapp. Everyone is welcome in it. For now we have 38 members and we can have 100 members. We also have no limit go h-pics so if anyone is interested, he/she can message me his/her whatsapp number or just comment it here. Thank you
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