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  1. Upload Games on other site

    The way sharing games on that site works is by uploading the game to a third party file host like filefactory (this is what they recommend), mediafire, 4shared etc/osv Go here http://www.leegt-games.co.uk/forum/forum/1-games/and find the board that most fits the genre of the game you want to share. Create a topic with a direct download link to the game. You should really read their rules before posting.
  2. Do you enjoy controversial or taboo themes/stories?

    I like controversial media and the more people it offends the better. Outrage over media (entertainment) is something I really enjoy. I really like incest sibling stories (relatively similar age), as I hope it gets normalized one day. The only harm such a relationship has is that if they choose to have children, it's an increased chance that the child have birth defects. Sex won't be a problem as there are many types of contraception and if it is not used/fails, unplanned pregnancies, can easily be solved.
  3. Good to know their addressing those concerns. In my frustration I kinda forgot that vndb has all the links and navigating Dlsite wasn't hard (but this thread was more for others that might struggle, but the post looked better when using myself as an example). Hopefully the patching process gets a lot of focus. The best guide I could find, had too little pictures. New site hype~~
  4. It would be great if the pages for the visual novels, for example: Swan Song could now show a link to where to purchase it and if the site is in Japanese, maybe a navigation guide and installation/patching guide as well. Before I could go to fuwanovel, find a wide range of visual novels to download. The games came prepatched, installation was easy and for each individual title there was a troubleshooting guide, so doing things like changing system locale was a breeze. Now I am kinda lost and it really seems daunting. "Where do I buy x game?" "How do I navigate this site? I don't understand Japanese" "Where can I find translation files?" "How do I patch the game?". I know others relate to this. To stay true to your motto. Please put in some effort to make purchasing/downloading visual novels more accessible, for the people that is not so internet/tech savvy. ♥