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  1. Alright, im back Uni is heaving quite a heavy toll on me, however, i promised to finish these drawings for everybody and thus i will do so, will try to finish 2 more before im going back to uni again.
  2. Starting tomorrow on nr. 2. There were some RL issues that had to be taken care of :3
  3. Satisfied? if not, please tell me what you want changed and i'll try. When ive done the others, i'll redo this one because im fairly sure i'll be a lot better by then. This is my first proper drawing in a long time afterall.
  4. Shinobu! I present to you, the final version of Tokisaki Kurumi! Yeah, im not that great with guns. Nevertheless, turned out pretty well!
  5. Once i finish up the boobs its done haha.
  6. Yeah, i thought i'd finished it. But now, taking a 2nd look at it, they're too big. When i make them smaller, the pose doesn't match up. So i will need to make compromises somewhere... maybe i can manipulate the hair a little bit so that covers a little bit? Edit: I just realized i could make her stomach a bit flatter... My bright moment of the day. Edit 2: On the bright side, the dress turned out VERY well!
  7. Fact: I've just spent a hour trying to figure out how to draw her boobs.
  8. Alright, as i've told earlier, i got really frustrated with the dress, i decided to go back to basic. This will be the pose she will be in, The face will be looking at you, both gun go sideways and the legs go a bit into the distance
  9. Seriously starting being fed up with her dress. Due to that stupid thing i misjudged the human body, making her look like a concortionist. Not good. I also placed her head a bit too high New sketch will be up tonight, wont go to sleep before i finished that Final version will be done with indian ink Before: After: 4 hours from now the new one should be up After that one the proper one will show up sunday or monday. Note to all: This is not my usual process, but due to the difficulty i'm taking my time for this one! Others will be finished a lot faster while maintaining
  10. I swear to god, these dresses suck to draw. In other news: Due to my crappy timemanagement and the difficulty of the project, i dont think i'll be able to finish till monday good news is, you will get a new sketch up here on how she will look in the final version
  11. Ha, you'll be surprised with the final version
  12. Welcome to Fuwanovel, very interesting introduction you had there i must add
  13. Alright, I've thrown away the drawing and starting on a new one, i came up with a far better pose (A lot more difficult too) but end-result is worth it, either tomorrow or the day after tomorrow it should be finished!
  14. Pretty damn well, that's for sure
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