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  1. I'll try and do it as soon as I can I only have phones for internet lol Usless... Sorry I know I know..T///T also gonna be stuck a lot at home I know kinda missed my chance today sorry.. -.-.. But plz bare with me I promise the rewards'll be gr8 I'll make sure of that so I hope Ull be able to look forward to that ^.^
  2. Lol hi ha ha ha thanx umm U too lol ^^ uhh to me right..?
  3. Ok I'll do that but it's very long if that's okay so.. I'll do that if so.. when I can get to an internet cafe very soon btw very intrested in turning it into a visual novel but I don't know unless somebody does and could do that..^^
  4. hi im really new to inexperianced to any sites like this let alone posting this so plz be kind i would love it if u could tell me what u guys think please bear in mind this is the first time in years ive written a story so i hope u'll like what i have so far btw really really exited about it if i do say so myself XD B btw should i somehow attach the microsoft word document if so how?
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