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  1. Oh god sorry didn't notice till now...0_o but thanks so much 4 congratulating me on my b-day ha ha -^ v ^-7


  2. Btw May i still be a beta tester or QC...? Tho i only have an Android phone at home for good as I can get internet...uhh sorry but I'm getting better now at spotting mistakes plus I always have my dictionary by my side if that helps eh he he (^///^,)7
  3. Omg thanx sooo much yaaay~!!!!! 0° -> v <- °0 soooo glad u liked thanx ha ha~! ^^ oh yeah btw sorry bout that... V///V..
  4. Oh god thank U ever so much kaza-chan~! (lol sooooo sorry~ ha ha ^^) my guardian angel aahh~! 0 TT V TT 0
  5. Ok I've separated it so far and hidden it behind a spoiler I'll try as well later to edit it more sort out any remaining problems too.. Soon.. Yep sorry and thanx for all ur kind help patience with me so far yay!..^^
  6. Btw this wouldn't secretly be a boy would it cause omg yeeeeeeaaaassssss!!!!! If so ..just instinct ^^
  7. don't worry it won't be hardcore if U don't like.. More border line BL ecchi teasing and flirting and sorry little 'spoiler' alert but possible tearjerker romance.. XD yeah sorry.. when I can get to an internet cafe I'll try and fix it up better.. >///<
  8. Wow yay for quick responces! And thanks ^^ No it's ok I too as a straight girl am only intrested in BL romance wise especially when explicit stuff is concerned (even though mine here is just 16+ as I promised and with way more plot yay! XDB) ..yeah sorry to others bout that lol ^^
  9. Episode 2 I read through it but I guess being male, reading BLs is no go for me. Or to say, I dunno who should I respond to it. Sorry :< It's ok I understand ^^ btw if maybe U have any female friends or online that would appreciate this if U could recommend this to them..? The more the better if so...^^ btw how do I do the spoiler thing what do I go to to click that option.. Or is It possible to copy and paste it from your reply..? Btw thanks for all your informative help already ^^
  10. Also should I post other chapters/episodes here to this post to save space..? and not just all over the place..
  11. Yeah sorry I'll try to finish editing it it All very soon.. Sorry.. TT.TT but thanx so much yay! ^.^ btw with spoilers do mean like giving hints as to what might happen..? Or...?
  12. ok i'm editing it slowly just getting the hang of it ..I know if only I did it in the first place TT.TT A total inexperience shows I know sorry but i'm getting there.. ^^
  13. Btw warning there'll be some profanity too.. GALAXIAN BATTLE WARS:Rating: 16+ older teen Genre: sci-fi fantasy boys love Comedy tragedy Episode 1: The suns warm embrace: Btw here's my character designs if You click on each picture it'll change to the next one after ..so u can see the rest of my character designs as well in aarinfantasy ..don't worry their all work safe..^^ http://aarinfantasy.com/forum/members/sapphireleo/albums/13685/index2.html yeah this is my attempt at writting a story in years.. but what did u think..? any constructive critisim is more than welcom
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