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  1. hows things going? I finished the first game, hoping this one will be done within the year.
  2. yeah fuwanovel lost most of its usefulness after they put a stop to pirating stuff. still though, information about translations is nice.
  3. where can I find the Download for this at? I would be grateful.
  4. should translate dracu-riot after this one. That would make a lot of people happy.
  5. I haven't dropped any VN's yet, although i have only read 5 vn's fully now. But if i had to say what would make me want to drop one is probably if i kept reading and the story wasn't getting anywhere and i would probably just get bored and stop. Then move onto another Vn.
  6. isnt idol chiruchiru getting translated along with the rest of the grisaia series?
  7. I mounted the ISO then tried installing without the patch in the folder, but I fixed it now and resolved the problem. thanks though.
  8. alright thank you very much! I moved all the files to another drive and put the patch there, and then the game is opening properly now. thanks again for your help and time.
  9. I'm trying to place the patch into the folder but apparently there isn't enough space in the folder, is that typical?
  10. I put the patch into the game folder and then proceeded to mount the image and all that, however when I run .exe it proceeds to lead me to a key required installation? I am not sure what to do.
  11. No, i think it will live up to our expectations. I mean elina's route is pretty good, and I think the other characters (especially miu) are great as well. If anything it will still be a great experience.
  12. did insem post that this year? if so god damn he's still taunting us.
  13. Seriously is there anyone translating this right now? Dracu riot seems to be decently known about, yet I don't see anyone trying to pick up on it. It's quite a good VN really despite having such a high amount of h-scenes.
  14. hmm, i just read through this http://visualnovelaer.fuwanovel.net/2013/07/if-my-heart-had-wings-restoration-patch-now-available-restores-sex-scenes/ and apparently it says it does put the sex jokes back in? I'm still a little confused.
  15. I see, I was worried that I did something completely wrong for a second. thank you for the clarification
  16. I installed the restoration patch, im quite sure of it, I got to the bath scene and they didn't have towels on. However, later on I've noticed there are no sex jokes and there was the conversion about *big eyes* that was suppose to be about boobs. But they were talking about eyes anyway, so im not entirely sure whats going on, did i install the patch wrong?
  17. haha, yeah you have a point. Also i have read through all of the translated stuff on that VN already, still waiting for the rest though, thanks though!
  18. greetings, thank you i will enjoy myself
  19. how am i in the wrong section? this is the recommendation board right?
  20. hello, yeah i wasn't sure where to post for suggestions but i'm pretty sure im more aware now. thanks!
  21. hello! and thanks for all the suggestions, ill definitely get around to the must reads that everyone loves.
  22. I don't know mate, asa and yoru are something else.
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