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  1. オト☆プリ no longer detects any text threads. I know this was working a few months ago. All other games seem to work? Very confused. Further testing: Game sems to work in Windows XP. Quite odd that only one game broke one Windows 10. Guessing the latest update did something. Possible to patch in the future?
  2. Tried interactive-text-hooker, but every time I attach to the process the game crashes. I now have three games by the exact same company that this issue affects.
  3. Guess I'm out of luck, since both games with this engine, and most games I have this problem with, which aren't that many, are niche h-games. No h-code to be found from searching and the thread I have checked as dialog is the only one picking up the data. As you can see from the sceenshot, it's picking up all the text, no problem, it's just got that bit of junk at the front that tosses the translation up sometimes. The only other real annoyance I have sometimes is sentence or character repetition, but I've have to check which games that applies to.
  4. It's the right text thread, at least the only one that shows the text. However, that single thread also has the stuff mixed in it, so I can't use the default ignore. I know there was a way to ignore certain bits with my old old hooking process... What would be nice would be a way for the system to ignore certain sections that aren't Japanese. This is what I'm dealing with, and it affects a few games that use this engine. https://imgur.com/a/Ek7wF
  5. I have a problem with a few game engines wher the start of the detected text has garbage program code, namely letters and numbers. They tend to follow a pattern. Is there any way to rig VNR to ignore certain sections of the text hook? I have screenshots of the problem if you need an example. The main problem is the garbage gets tossed in the middle of the translation throwing everything off.
  6. BasfTech has a forum account on the JastUSA site, but he doesn't often check it. I would have to check my old pm's to see if he left me an e-mail. I also worked with another translator, so I'll look for them as well.
  7. Signing up for partial translation (not the best but I can normally get a rough idea) and grammar/style editing. Worked on the May Club censorship patch. Assisted BasfTech with the X-Change 3 censorship patch. If you can locate and secure BasfTech, his code knowledge would be invaluable, given he's already worked on a previous Crowd patch. Honestly prefer the newer 3 methods to conquer the world and the following fandisc for it, but hopefully if this succeeds then they will be translated as well. Who knows, maybe X-Change EX and, miracle of miracles, the older Crowd titles that never saw release here will get patched as well.
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