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    Fuwanovel is a a visual novel community run by fans for fans, and as we’ve grown, so, too, have our expenses. After a lot of thought I decided to open up a development fund to any users who have the desire and means to throw a few dollars our way to help pay for hosting and development. Every dollar is appreciated, and goes directly to the site. In return, donors can be marked as "Backers" on the forums and gain access to some "goodies" (more info down below).

    Links to subscriptions/payments are found in the columns below. If you have any questions, PM me directly (click here) or email me (click here), and I'll do my best to answer your questions.



    Subscription Options
    Monthly Subscription | Yearly Subscription
    Click a link above to be taken to the purchasing page

    Important info:

    • During checkout you will be asked for a billing address. You don't need to use your actual address. There's no way for me to remove this requirement from the checkout app (yet), so that's why it's there.
    • Even though you're starting a "checkout" here in the forums, please understand that all payments and money are handled through Paypal. I'm not touching or seeing any of the transaction. The only reason why we initiate the payments here in the forums is so we can auto-link donations to your Fuwanovel account and auto-grant you the "goodies". If this rubs you the wrong way, please see the direct Paypal method below.
    • Regular users should be given instant access to your Backer "goodies" once the donation is processed. GMs and BMs will need to PM/email me, as I need to manually give them the goodies.
    • You can manage your subscription from within the forums app, and the forums will send you reminders about subscription payments. I'll be posting more on this, soon.
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  • Current "Goodies" for Backers:

    • PM allowance increased to 700
    • More than twice as much rep allowance (up to 25 “Likes” per day)
    • You can customize your profile page with backgrounds and colors (see mine for an example)
    • If you can gather enough of you together to discuss it, we can change the "Backer" badge whenever you want!
    • After 6 continuous months of support, you may PM Tay and inquire about "The Order". Should you prove worthy, you will be inducted into The Great Secret. Which doesn’t exist. Just ask Flutterz. These aren't the droids you're looking for. Move along, now. Move along.


    I realize that not everyone is in a position to contribute to the development fund. That’s absolutely okay. The goal with the Development Fund isn't to raise a ton of money or create an elite race of Backers, it's meant to help raise funds to alleviate the site's cost. I tried my best to make sure these “goodies” weren’t granting some users exclusive site features while denying them to others. AKA: a regular user and a Backer are going to have access to all the same features and options on Fuwanovel -- there aren't any elite boards or secret Backer clubs. Donated funds go first towards hosting and a “rainy day” fund, then towards other site development per our site financial plan. 

  • How to Cancel Your Subscription:

    If you pay via the forums app: Just stop paying. The payments aren't automatic, so all you need to do is let the subscription lapse.

    If you pay via Paypal directly: We run our subscriptions through Paypal, so you have total control over your subscription at all times. To cancel your recurring payments (subscription), follow the steps on this guide from Paypal. At the time I posted this, these were the steps you had to take to cancel a subscription:

    1. Log in to your PayPal account.
    2. Click Profile near the top of the page.
    3. Click My money.
    4. Click Update in the My preapproved payments section.
    5. Click Cancel, Cancel automatic billing, or Cancel subscription and follow the instructions.


    ICYMI: Claiming Your Goodies:

    If you pay via the forums app: Everyone who pays through the forums app should be marked a "Backer" automatically (yay!) with two exceptions: GMs and BMs need to PM me and I'll flip the switch for them behind the scenes.

    If you pay via Paypal directly: PM (click here) or email (click here) me (Tay) and let me know that you've donated/subscribed. I usually try to reach out to you, first, but this way we'll make sure you aren't missed.