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A necessary improvement




Hello everyone! Today I come to announce something that was notified on twitter this month, this news has to do with KagariSoft and KonKonSoft are now subsidiaries of UnSet. What is UnSet? Well in simple terms (I the creator of KagariSoft) decided to create a parent "brand" of KagariSoft, this brand will allow me to get into more projects. There are many things that I couldn't achieve just using "KagariSoft", that's why I decided to found UnSet, now unset will provide content related to videogames and everything related to "Anime" style. 

What will happen to KagariSoft? 
Nothing, I will continue working on my projects using KagariSoft as I have been doing, only now I can extend myself a little more.

What is KonKonSoft?

Good question, KonKonSoft is the name KagariSoft uses to distribute games, it may sound strange and unnecessary to do this, but I wanted to separate KagariSoft in two. One that is dedicated to game development and the other to marketing the projects, that way I can separate the content that is published.

Now, I invite you to follow the official UnSet account and the other accounts in case you don't follow them!

KagariSoft: https://twitter.com/KagariSoft



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