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Blood of the Reprimanded Dragon Review



Welcome to this week VNTS Review, and sorry for being very late here. As for this week (Or rather the last week), what I can say is that we have two releases of VNs that have female MC and have three language. Other than the releases, we also have some Nekonyan updates along with Miotsukushi Omote release, so I guess I can say that overall last week is quite an average one. Let's see what I can write at this VNTS Review here, and as for the title I'll tell it at PS later.

Well it's not that surprising that Sol Press delayed their Himawari no Kioku release seeing that it's already past February (I hope that Sol Press can differentiate between ready and reckless when announce the release estimation), and so does it's not surprising to see JAST delayed their Kimikoi release. It's quite surprising though that JAST announce the exact release date for Kimikoi, and in this case it'll be at May 5th later. I still don't know whether they'll release it at that date ir not yet, but seeing that usually they already ready when they announced the exact release date let's just see it later (For now I leaned toward that they'll release it at May 5th here). We also have them released Togainu no Chi, which to say is a redundant one seeing that we already have it since back at 2012, although if you want to get that BL VN in legal way then feel free to purchase it from JAST and have fun.

As for Nekonyan updates, we have Riddle Joker was at 80% translated along with 60% edited, Kirikoi was at 45% translated along with 15% edited, and IxShe Tell was past halfway (55%) for both of translating and editing progress. We also have Makeover was halfway QA-ed, which is reasonable seeing that it's their next release. Let's see if they can release it before AX later, and that's all for Nekonyan's update roundup.

For Marco, what I should say is that I should praise Harukaze (I don't really certain if Tokyotoon is really their rebranded, but I treat Tokyotoon as Harukaze anyway) for make an all age VN instead of censoring their previous VNs like their previous releases (Noraneko duology), so that at least I wouldn't need to comment on their censorship like Pulltop. Let's hope that they'll focused on all age VN from now on. Anyway as for the premise we have Marco who was kidnapped at 6 years old after seeing her mother kidnapped in her piano recital, and currently she wondering in space as treasure because apparently she was kidnapped by the aliens. After getting some clue about her mother whereabouts, she decided to go to Earth together with the titular galaxy dragon Arco in order to find out more. Another things to note is that it'll have the anime with unique animation (Quite similar to old Western animation style) in that it's also shown in the VN as well, it have same staffs as Noraneko, and that it'll have ~1,000 CGs (Which would be quite a number seeing that it's all age VN and that the VN is quite a short one). Go get the VN from Steam if you interested, and have fun.

We have Sukera Somero released their debut VN, and like Amrilato (From the same group) it's another GL VN only that it's more explicit because it have sex scenes as well. The VN in question is Oshirabu, and the subtitle is Waifu over Husbando. The premise is that we have a female MC (Akuru) who's been wanted a certain handsome male from a gacha game so much that she spent much money (Thankfully not at level of a guy who spent ~4,000 dollars for two servants in FGO yet), and one day she see a teenage girl (Ren) who have a lot of luck. Desperate for a lucky draw, Akuru ask Ren to draw the gacha and when Ren manage to pull it of Akuru was very happy. So much that she propose to the handphone that displayed the handsome male that Akuru been wanted while the handphone was still in Ren's hand, and of course Ren mistaken it as if Akuru proposed to her here. From there Ren keep approaching Akuru, which of course make Akuru uncomfortable before she started to like Ren. Go get Oshirabu if you've been interested with it as well, and have fun.

For fan translation, currently we have Eustia was at 88.5% translated with side route was past a quarter (25.38%) translated along with 86.58% edited, Loverable was at 80.9% edited, Angel Beats was at 39.05% translated, and after a week break we have Ginharu was at 58.04% translated with Momiji's route was past three quarter (75.81%) translated. We also have Alka teased us about their secret project, although so far there's no much hint other than it would be non-KEY VN along with the fact that it'll be an ordinary slice of life romance eroge. Lastly we have Miotsukushi Omote patch release, so if you've been wonder on how PS2 ended Higurashi you can play it and have fun. For their next plan, they'll translate Miotsukushi Ura in which it's PS3 version of Miotsukushi and apparently there's some difference between those (Don't ask me on why we have Miotsukushi in two versions for different consoles). That's all for fan translation here.

That's all for my VNTS Review here, and see you next week (Or rather in a few days later).

PS - For the title, since we have (Redundant) Togainu no Chi along with Marco and Galaxy Dragon releases, I just use localized name of Togainu no Chi (Blood of the Reprimanded Dog) and change 'Dog' into 'Dragon' so we have 'Blood of the Reprimanded Dragon' as this week VNTS Review title.


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