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Random Translation: Bullet Butlers intro

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Let us speak of another world.


 我々とは森羅万象の法則が異なる世界、 違うものたちが生きる世界のことを。

A world where the laws of creation differ from our own.  A world where beings different from us live.



When that world was born, that world contained nothing but the void.



Since nothing existed nothing happened.  No matter how many tens of thousands of years passed, that world continued unchanged.



Eventually, coincidentally, a being that could be called a 'god' was born there.



God had the ability to control the world as he saw fit.



God bewailed that his world was empty and, in order to turn the void into existence, chose to use his power.



God began by splitting the world into two parts.



One part was the 'heavens' he existed in and the other was the 'earth' he ruled over.



God called the heavens the Land of Blessings and the land Goltrok, and he created the sky to exist between them.



Next, God gave Goltrok foliage, water, and living things.



However, since he hadn't given 'death' along with life to them, the foliage filled the land and rose to the skies, living things increased to the point where the earth began to quiver, making the earth a horrible thing to look upon.


 神は嘆き、彼らに“死”を与えることにした。 そして死を与えるという重要な役割を負わせるために、神は自らの存在も二つに分かつことにした。

God bewailed this and chose to give them 'death'.  And so, in order to give the important role of giving death to life, he split himself into two.



At this point, God, split into two beings, came to have a name.


 生を司る神エル・アギアス。 死を司る神ヘルダイス。

The god that ruled life became El Agias, the god who ruled death became Helldais.



The two deities continued to infinitely give the land life and death.



Eventually, there arose those amongst the creatures of the land who had intelligence, walked on two feet, and used tools... it was the birth of humans and demi-humans.



Humans and demi-humans cooperated to make the world a better place.



However, within a few centuries of the rise of the humanoid races, the God of Death, Helldais, slowly began to go mad.



Due to their intelligence, the humanoids possessed an attachment to 'life' that far surpassed the imagination of the gods.



The regrets of the dead he touched every time he gave death drove Helldais mad, and this eventually caused him to hate El Agias.



And so, finally the war of the gods began.



The two gods used magic and the divine weapons, Trobrahm to try to deny the other's existence, indulging in an infinite cycle of mutual slaughter.



At the moment the gods began to fight, the humans and demihumans, almost as if they were influenced by the godswar, began to fight for control of Goltrok.



A time that seemed infinite in its length passed...



And the long war between the gods came to an end.



The defeated Helldais's name was stripped from him, and he was exiled from the heavens, causing him to fall to the earth.



El Agias created the Death Spirit Slaidbass, a spirit without emotions, to give the earth death.



The thing that had once been a god, fallen to the earth, began to think with its rotten brain.


 ――生を憎め。 ――生を受けたもの全てを憎め。 ――生を謳歌するもの全てに等しく死を与えんことを。

--- Hate life.  ---- Hate all things that live.  --- Give death to all things that have life.



--- I am the King of Undeath.



This was the birth of the 'King of Undeath'.



He used 'Necromancy', and, obedient to the thoughts of his hollow spirit, created many zombie servants.  (Clephas note: Just easier to call it Necromancy rather than saying 'He used techniques that controlled corpses')



Villages, cities, and countries fell into ruin.


 屍兵が大国を滅ぼせば、大国の民たちも屍兵と化した。 屍兵が巨人の集落を襲えば、巨人たちの屍が歩き出した。

When zombies destroyed a great nation, the great nation's citizens became zombies.  If zombies destroyed a settlement of Giants, the corpses of the giants strode forth.



When it was almost too late, those dwelling upon the earth finally realized what was happening.



That if they didn't defeat the Undead King, the world itself would die.



All the people of the world--- humans and demihumans alike, came together to form the Goltrok Army, in order to fight the armies of the Undead King.



However, the Goltrok Army quickly began to lose ground to the zombies, for they continued to fight day and night unless their heads were not destroyed.



(at this point, the dialogue shifts to vicariously echoing the people of the time)

'Is there no way?'



The area around the Undead King's frozen castle is protected by a near-infinite number of zombies, and even Giants and transformed dragonewts would have to beg God for a miracle to arrive at its walls.


 偉大なる神エル・アギアスはおられぬのか。 崇高なる存在エル・アギアスは我らを見捨てられたのか。

Is the great god El Agias no longer present in the heavens?  Has the divine El Agias abandoned us?



As all that lived upon the earth bewailed their fates, nine mages appeared at the frontline fortress city of Garey.



They called themselves a group of mages from the first country to be destroyed by the Undead King and bestowed upon the people a single hope.



'Using our magic, we can send heroes to the foot to our homeland, at the foot of the Undead King's castle.'


 だがその魔法は一人の魔法使いにつき、たった一度きり。 即ち、九人の魔法使いによって送ることのできる戦士はわずか九人。

However, that magic could only be used once per mage.  In other words, the nine mages could only transport nine heroes.



After considering for a time, the Goltrok Army selected warriors from eight races that possessed the largest military power at the time.


 人間からエイベル・スカイウォーカー。 エルフからフュール・サングマイン。 ドワーフからゴットロープ・ラナチウム。 オークからラッカロコ・ライターン。

From the Humans: Abel Skywalker.  From the Elves: Karafyur Sangmainn.  From the Dwarves, Goltrope Ranaschium. From the Orcs: Raccaroko Rytan.


 ジャイアントからワイズマン。 ゴブリンからサブル・ハブル。 リザードマンからジル・レ・シャドウフィールド。

From the Giants: Wiseman.  From the Goblins: Sable Habble.  From the Lizardmen, Jil Le Shadowfield. 


 ドラゴニュートから、 イングリッド・フォルテンマイヤー。

And from the Dragonewts: Ingrid Fortenmeyer.



And, last of all, an attendant, tasked with assisting the Eight, was chosen.



The heroes were transported in an instant to a spot next to the Undead King's castle, Valtran.


 されど。 九人の眼前に立ちはだかるのは、『不死の王を護る』という命令だけに従う、屍兵の軍勢。

However, what stood before the Nine was an army of zombies obeying only a single order... 'Protect the Undead King.' 



Their numbers, around one hundred thousand.



Here began the fight to determine the fates of all of Goltrok's people... a war between nine and one hundred thousand.



The heroes fearlessly struck down flesh-less zombies atop rotting horses.



The Nine used powerful weapons, great magics, iron will, and brilliant strategems to break down the army of one hundred thousand, breaking through the fortress walls, and they finally made their way to the foot of the Undead King's throne.



However, even for the seemingly invincible heroes, the fight with the Undead King reached the peaks of ferocity.



No matter how many times they cut at him with holy swords, burned him with magic, sliced him open, or froze his flesh, they could not destroy the Undead King.



From the beginning, the Undead King was a god who only gave 'death' to others, and he was not a being that could be given 'death' himself.


 誰かが神に祈り、 誰かが膝を屈しそうになったその時、

At the moment when one prayed and another was about to fall to his knees...


 不死の王の前に一人の男が進み出た。 これまで八人に付き従ってきた従者だった。

A single man walked out before the Undead King.  It was the attendant who had, up until this moment, followed the eight heroes.



The attendant began to chant the words to a spell he himself did not know.


 魔法の名は“神の降臨サモン・ゴッド”。 選ばれし者にしか詠唱できない、屈指の大魔法。

The name of the spell was 'Summon God', a Grand Magic that could only be chanted by one chosen.



At this moment, the attendant was given to know that the Undead King was a being that gave death to others while not knowing it himself.  As such, he could not be destroyed by normal means.


 滅ぼす方法はただ一つ。 死を知る者の躯の中に不死の王を召喚すること。

There was only one way to kill him.  He had to be summoned into the body of one who knew death.



In other words, forcing the experience of death upon one who knew it not.


 そして。 神はそのために九人の中から自分を選んだのだということも。

And he also came to know that it was for that very reason that he had been selected from amongst the Nine.



The attendant confessed this reality to his former mistress Ingrid and asked her to destroy him along with the Undead King.



Ingrid refused at first, but, in response to her attendant's please, she thrust her holy sword through his body.



So it was that the Undead King came to know 'death' and was destroyed.


 彼が滅んだ途端、屍兵たちも塵へと還った。 朽ちた大地に再び草木が芽生え、穢れた水は清らかさを、瘴気に病んだ風は生気を取り戻した。

At the moment of his death, the zombies turned to dust, the withered land began to bloom once again, the tainted water was cleansed, and the wind was cleansed of miasma.


 大地を再び生者の手に取り戻したのだ。 人々は歓喜し、八人を英雄として褒め称えた。

The land was reclaimed by the living.  The people yelled in joy, praising the Eight as heroes.



And, as a reward for having defeated the Undead King despite their own mortality, the great god El Agias bestowed upon them the Sacred Crest.



The Sacred Crest is the proof of heroism, to be passed down through the generations.



This is so the Eight Heroes will continue to be told of in stories for eternity.



This Sacred Crest is a miracle I bestow upon you.  A proof that all that lives fought against a great evil.



In order to show this, I bestow upon the inheritors of this Sacred Crest an immense power.



And so it was that the story of the Eight Heroes, destined to be carved into history for eternity, was born.


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