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VN of the April 2001 - Mizuiro




There aren't masterpieces this month. But closest to it is Mizuiro . I will review Handle With Care..

1. Bishoujo Ren'ai Mahjong Series 2nd: Shiritsu Houou Gakuen: 2-nen Junjou-gumi 美少女恋愛麻雀シリーズ2nd 私立鳳凰学園 2年純情組 [010403] J-Wing 1
In the story mode player controls a young boy who attends a private academy. There he meets different girls. During conversations with them he plays mahjong, and the endings depend on whether he wins or loses in the game.
There are three stories each featuring one of the heroines. But bittersweet story of Megumi Makoto is considered to be main one.
Card game


2. True Love Story 3 トゥルーラブストーリー3 [010405] Game Club 1
True Love Story 3 places the player in the shoes of a young male protagonist experiencing his third year of Junior High with the goal of confessing his love to one of a number of female peers. As the year opens he is introduced to the girl he has long had a crush on, Aotsuki Takane, by his twin sister who commutes to the same school, Kaname. 
The game tracks characters' "level of friendship" (友人度) and "level of affection" (恋愛度) towards the player character on a triangular diagram that the player can learn the status of regularly by consulting with his twin sister at the end of a day. Instead of playing each day of the school year, the player selects "try-your-best days" (頑張る日), the frequency of which affects his level of enthusiasm (やる気), which in turn influences the occurrence of special events.
But the most distinguishing feature of the game and of the series as a whole is its unique conversation system. At the end of a weekday, if the weather is sunny, the player has three chances to try to meet a girl who he can invite to walk home with (or be invited to walk home with) and the invite, if successful, leads to a complex conversation mode in which numerous topics can be selected, the goal being to raise the girl's "hearthrob gauge" (ときめきゲージ) without filling up her "pounding heart" (ドキドキハート) and possibly invite her out on a date before the walk home concludes.
Third bulled of a classical SIM series that keeps inventing more and more difficulties each time making enjoying it pretty much impossible for a westerner.


3. Handle With Care.. [010406] ETOILE 1
Our hero was the vocalist of the legendary rock band "Bloody Roses." Presently, his activities with the band are on hold. At one of the live houses he played at, he met an extremely talented vocalist named Sahara Shion. He takes it upon himself to help her in her career... As a player, it is your goal to eventually bring this beautiful talent on stage at the live house "Moon Rouge." 
Story is straight and without surprises, but it's not a story-centered game, after all. At least it's a serious story of a juvenile band growing up. Five vocal songs and frequent use of animation give the game high production values. But, most importantly, girls are charming enough and atmosphere good enough to feel the part of the group. One playthrough is some 8 hours, next ones with read text skip takes about 3 hours. Endings vary greatly from one heroine to another, and only Shion has both normal ending and true ending. Depending on person, it can easily be a masterpiece. And I'm not such person.


4. Negapoji ~Onii-chan to Yobanaide!!~ ねがぽじ~お兄ちゃんと呼ばないでっ!!~ [010406] Active 1
Hiroba Mahiru, the protagonist, is a girl attending Mizuki Academy. One day in the changing rooms at school, Mahiru's friend Kasumi Sakuraba accidentally tore off her panties. After what she saw, Kasumi declared Mahiru was a boy. After this, Mahiru was forced to go to the hospital for two months, before finally being able to return to school... but as a boy instead.
There are three heroines for capture and five endings overall, one being bad end and one true end. Somehow hero is treated very coldly by everyone in school and family, and only a few of his old friends keep treating him normally, so it's not a full-fledged comedy. Other than True end scenarios have some different approach, but still hardly worth seeing after the True end.


5. Pon' 2: Truth of the Nightmare [010406] Cheri
The hunt for SDW goes on with the number of mini-games increased
There's not even a normal synopsis for this game around. But with concept left intact, noone cares. So shall I.


6. Angel Present エンジェルプレゼント [010412] HuneX 1
The player takes a role of a young male assistant to the picture book writer who just went on a tour of Europe for an inspiration. You, on the other hand, desperately want to prove yourself in the area, but your inspiration is as dry as an empty well. So, you decide to take those three weeks of holidays to return to your hometown and give your best to come up with something solid or completely give up on wanting to become a picture book writer. Your hometown is a couple of hours from Tokyo by bullet train, though it is a rather rural area so it requires a switch to a more local train. Upon your arrival, you soon team up with Erina, an old friend of yours, and the two of you keep on exploring town, going places an meeting people. One night, walking alone in the woods, you get caught by the rain. Running to find a shelter, you stumble upon a small shrine. There, in front of your eyes, you see a flying silhouette which soon gets zapped by the thunder and falls down not far from where you are. Not sure what you saw really happened, you come outside and see a small fairy, down on the ground under the rain and with a wounded wing. You pick her up and tend to her wound. She quickly tests her fixed wings and flies away with a smile. As the morning comes, you look over town and has a sudden vision of an unknown place. Whatever happened to you granted you certain magical abilities you are not aware of.
Surprisingly decent atmosphere puts game to unique position.


7. Case 266 ~266 Gou Jiken~ CASE266~266号事件~ [010413] Complet's
United States midlands, 1998. Two prisoners Kane and Gaston who are charged with life sentence manage to jailbreak. The police severe measures are in vain, and crimes are commenced one after another. 
Detective Ralph Vincent is a detective who initially caught those two criminals. Together with his young partner John Orwell they investigate the so called "266 case", but it turns out not so easy to crack. However, the hunt has just begun.
Game turned out to be very small, simple and tedious. There's the need to patrol suspicious places by choosing them on the map and choosing one of three actions to do there. It's game over if nothing found in 20 days.


8. Mizuiro みずいろ [010413] NekoNeko Soft 1 2 3
The protagonist, Kenji, is living with his adopted sister Yuki, who admires her older brother and harbors a slight secret crush on him. One day, after a certain night, a girl - Hiyori, their childhood friend - begin to appear in Kenji's closet. Moreover, her body is transparent, and she has gaps in her memory. As they struggle to figure out the mystery behind Hiyori's state, Kenji begins to realize his forgotten feelings and Yuki suffers with her secret.
Game is localized and has English reviews.


9. Stainless Night -Ikiteru- Stainless Night −いきてる− [010413] Sequence 1
With an invitation to go on a trip from Hiromi Hongo, who is one year his senior, our hero Hikaru Takatsuki decides to take her up on her offer. This sounds like they are a couple, however their delicate relationship has never went beyond just being friends, even though Hikaru let Hiromi know of his feelings for her over a year ago. Finally no longer to contain herself, Hiromi has asked him to go with her. Hikaru seems pleased with the turn of events. 
The two of them arrive at a small island that is undergoing resort developments. Hikaru will experience various encounters here on this island: Kouhaku and a maid residing with her at the inn, a girl that he grew up with named Ai, and a shrine maiden with long silver hair named Uguisu. At a glance, the encounters will seem like ordinary situations that generally occur on such trips, but Hikaru gradually realizes that each of them have deep ties to him...
Through continuous playing, you will find that each ending with each different character will open the curtain to new and exciting scenarios. This game will leave you deeply impressed with the story plotted out in its entirety. 
The order of four heroines capture is fixed alike Kizuato, and with that scenario reaches really high degree of completeness. Main theme is that in previous life heroines and protagonist were pulled apart for different age, and here they reincarnate to meet again. But every story surpasses expectations and breaks out of expectations circle. There are references to previous work Pure Angel. So game is almost a masterpiece.


10. Tokyo Yuuyuu 東京幽遊 [010413] Sarang 1
Yuichiro Mikami was previously engaged to Yukino Yamase. His parents had arranged it all, and neither he nor his fiance had any true feelings for each other. During the devastating earthquake in Kanto, Yukino was killed and Yuichiro was injured and fell unconscious.
A few years later, our hero regains consciousness, only to find the ghost of Yukino floating over him. It seems that the only way to exorcise her spirit is for him to fall in love with someone else. In order to send her soul back where it belongs, Yuichiro sets out for Tokyo to fall in love.
The concept behind this game is found in the intermingling of various images. The story itself shows the many contrasts relevant to the latter part of the Taisho era and the beginning of the Showa era in Japan. This game provides a new sense of freshness to reality.
Sarang specializes in animation, so game opening and ending really shine, as well as some non-H scene animations during the game like lip sync. Player is bombarded only with bad endings at first. There are many heroines, but only two have developed story, so if you like someone else - tough luck. Overall it's a late Taisho-early Showa charage that feels unsatisfactory with all elements considered.


11. Close to ~Inori no Oka~ Close to ~祈りの丘~ [010419] KID 1 2 3 4
Homura Motoki was walking down the street one day with his girlfriend Yuuna when they were struck by a car. When he woke up in the hospital, he realized something incredible had happened. He was having an out of body experience and no one seems to be able to see or hear him. Floating around in the air, Motoki set off to find Yuuna, only to discover she has lost all her memories of him because of the accident.
With only a few days left until his body can no longer be sustained, Motoki must now find a way to make Yuuna remember him so he can return back to his body.
There are English reviews.


12. Tobira [扉] -TOBIRA- [010419] Alice Soft
Makoto returns from study in USA to his school in Japan. He needs to choose one class door... and the person he meets there will be protagonist for the next day and will need to choose next door... Where will this constant protagonist swaps lead to?
I can't answer this question since game has zero reviews just as any other Alice fandisc free game, and I'm not excited by this prospect much to get to the end.


13. Yoru Ga Kuru! -Square of the Moon- 夜が来る!-Square of the MOON- [010419] Alice Soft 1 2 3 4
The story begins with another moon appearing in our skies. No one has yet to find out why such a celestial occurrence came to be, but humanity has to keep on living. Three years since the event, Ryo Hamura is your unassuming high school guy when they are confronted by a strange girl who asks him to fight along side her. Without much else to say (nor much to be written beyond this information), our hero is drawn into a secret world of magic and intrigue.
There are English reviews


14. Anime Shop e Ikou! あにめショップへいこう! [010420] Squadra D 1
The long, endless summer vacation is here: Our hero is asked to go back to work during the summer for 'Peppermint,' an animation shop he used to work for. Being unable to turn them down, our hero tells them he will work for them until the end of August. Little does he know about the dream-like occurrences he will experience, nor the girls he will meet.
The feature of the story is that pure love turns into a painful dark feeling. There's a bonus scenario after normal scenario, and this bonus one is bigger in length. There are also couple hidden heroines. Overall the number of heroines is 8, and their routes vary greatly, only one or two is of high scenario level, though.


15. Aozameta Tsuki no Hikari 蒼ざめた月の光 [010420] Studio e.go!
Main character Astoria is a demon that lives over 1000 years by robbing people's mind. He targets a new village and aims at some girl standing there. However, a thug appears and attacks the girl just before that, and it looks as if Astoria protects the girl as a result. Her sincere gratitude makes Astoria laugh, and he can't attack her as planned. The cold-hearted demon could not even imagine he would fall in love with this innocent girl Selene ...
Sensation - this is Studio e.go, but game is not an RPG. There are 7 endings, and usually new endings open up only after new game start. There are happy ones, but mostly insulting ones. The number of H scenes is 14, including 4 tentacle ones. The graphics are superb, but there's not much in the story department, ero-centered work.


16. Baby, BE -Bedside Emotion- Baby, BE -Bedside Emotion- [010420] BeF 1
Our hero sees a "help wanted" sign at a restaurant in Chinatown in Yokohama. He applies for the job and meets the owners. Two beautiful sisters run the restaurant, and they decide to hire him because he really has a desire to work. He begins to live in their house and help in the restaurant. These young people really start to get involved with each other as they interact on a daily basis.
Izumi sisters are main heroines and have 3 H events each while the multiple sub-heroines just one. Story is short and text of different quality. Really, there's little worthwhile here besides graphics and music.


17. Kaizoku Oukan 海賊王冠 [010420] SofthouseChara 1 2
In this world...
The great military power Dearumor boasts an almighty force.
Land is cleared, new weapons are developed, conventional strategy and tactics are perfected into an art which culminates on the well trained officers and soldiers, and surrounding countries are conquered.
Everyone believes that no one can stop their charge, no one doubted that the world is for Dearumor to take.
But, there are three powers that can actually oppose them.
First is the Fettercairn Treaty Alliance, led by the Ruciun Kindom.
Seeing Dearumor's actions as unforgivable, the alliance that's formed in self-defense is capable of fighting equally the invincible Dearumor military whether at land or sea.
Another are the sea creatures that are living deep in uncharted waters, the Last Kin.
Dearumor's navy which unwittingly trodden on their proud waters, got annihilated.
And last... are those that are freely rampaging on the high seas, the pirates.
There's enough information in English in discussion thread.


18. Pheromone ~Hashire Eros! Ai no Time Limit~ フェロモン~走れエロス!愛のタイムリミット~ [010420] Ciel 1
When Hidemaru gets excited, his body secretes a chemical substance called "Pheromone." This substance stimulates sexual feelings in any girl anywhere near him. There are always so many girls around him that he has become afraid of women.From an invitation from his sister, Hidemaru visits her college campus, where he falls in love with Haruna Sakurai. She is completely unaffected by the substance his body produces. However, every other girl becomes a raging animal, when his body produces pheromone. Hidemaru has no control over this, other than to try to remain calm. Will he be able to overcome his problems and enjoy life with Haruna? 
This is basically an adventure-style game. You will be provided with a map of general outlines, which must be utilized to succeed. Your objective is to move the map around and arrive in time for your date with Haruna. You can adjust your speed as you move the map, but if you move too fast, your body will produce pheromone, which will definitely cause problems. Here's the catch: If you walk, you'll miss your date with Haruna! Watch your pulse; watch out for the hoards of girls; see if you can make it on time! 
Shifting between running and walking to regulate heartbeat level is quite easy if main heroine is the aim, but actually entering full pheromone mode can be more fun. The main heroine remains hugely undeveloped as a character. Quite a stupid game.


19. Shiawase Mille-Feuille ~Sora kara Futago ga Futtekita!!~ しあわせ★ミルフィーユ~そらからふたごがふってきた!!~ [010420] Kuroneko-san Team
Twin girls suddenly appear from a UFO. Main character needs to raise them as sisters for four years. What kinds of sisters will he bring up?
No, it's not that kind of a game. It's a new innocent all-age SIM by Kuroneko-san Team. Game unique point is that player does not give girls instructions to do some activities. Instead, there are problems arising one by one, and solving them differently affects girls in different ways.


20. Happy Lesson [010426] Datam Polystar 1
An newly orphaned child enters a dormitory filled with amiable women and in the process, gains five new mothers and doting teachers. The routine of life revolves around the dynamics of interaction between you and your new caretakers who work in different careers and wield specific skills which they can teach you.
Satsuki works as a physical education advisor, excels at sports and looks the part with an athletic build. Yayoi works in the university medical department and Uzuki advises you on the fine arts. Two other mother figures teach you about chemistry and literature. A girl named Minazuki who also lives in the dorm gets a tad jealous of all the attention you get and acts as a sort of rival for the affections of the teachers. Happy Lesson plays in the style of an interaction game where the feelings of the other characters are affected by your actions and conversational abilities. Be the good son and you'll be on easy street but behave badly and face the whip.
Dreamcast exclusive Dating SIM stretches far beyond by interest.


21. Konohana: True Report 此花 True Report [010426] Vridge Inc. 1 2 3
This is the first game in Konohana series and takes place in a high-school, featuring Meguru Momoi as a protagonist, a second year student who just moved to Konohana high-school. As things would have it, what you thought to be the peaceful period until the graduation turns into a suspense thriller. The teacher has been killed, and together with Miako Tachibana, a second year student who is part of a school's newspaper club, you end up entangled in trying to solve the mystery behind the series of murder and the "Legend of Grim Reaper".
There is an English review.


22. Love Songs: Idol ga Classmate Love Songs アイドルがクラスメ〜ト [010426] HuneX 1
Love Songs is a dating simulation and adventure game with a setting in high-school. You are an unnamed high-school student (you create your character profile before starting the game) and your high-school is holding a performing arts course. And it just so happens that a currently popular idol, Ayano Seto, enrolled as a student here and ends up as one of your classmates.
The game takes place over three-year high-school period until graduation day. During that time you can perform various school and extracurricular activities to upgrade your character stats. You can study, train, sleep, work a part-time job to earn money, ask girls on a date and more. You can also write and receive love e-mails on your computer. Your goal is to become popular among the girls, and that means you must study hard, earn money, keep your body in shape, be fashionable, and know what to say while on a date with the girl that peeks your interest.
PS2 exclusive Dating SIM is only slightly better than DS exclusive one. A miss.


23. The Suiri ~IT Tantei: 18 no Jikenbo~ THE 推理 〜IT探偵:18の事件簿〜 [010426] Tomcat System 1
D3 Publisher's saga of budget-price police investigation games.
Police investigation... no-no.


24. Aoki Daichi 蒼き大地 [010427] Waffle
Main character leaves home after a trifle quarrel with his father. Two years have passed. Every night he sees a dream that he is called by someone, and for the first time in two years he goes back home. He takes over the ranch of his parents and meets five girls with different troubles. Between the wilderness, the ranch and the horses, will he be able to heal the heart wounds of these girls? 
Game is not voiced, and one story only takes about 30 minutes. Heroines backgrounds aren't explained, development is forced. Game is so short that there's just not enough content to evaluate.


25. B ~Aoki Haitoku~ B~蒼き背徳~ [010427] Tetra 1
Our hero is a former commander in the self-defense forces. He was relieved of command for being responsible for the annihilation of his entire unit. He now leads a calm and peaceful life as an investigator for an insurance company. One day however, his girlfriend Mie suddenly disappears. Having lost the only thing in life that matters to him, our hero succumbs to alcoholism. About this time, a girl claiming to be Mie's friend contacts him and tells him she knows where Mie is. He heads out to meet this friend, Emiko, but is skeptical about any useful information. Our hero isn't at all prepared for what he finds...
This is an adventure game, where your mission is to finds our hero's girlfriend, Mie. You will use the key word "Misty Blue" to solve the mystery. A player has 4 different types of games to choose from: Action, Horror, Splatter, or Suspense. All of these stories follow along the lines of the key word "Misty Blue." You will get the feeling of being in another realm. You can't help but enjoy these rich and colorful stories! 
There are too many choices to choose from with the majority being fake ones. Voicing is absolutely amateurish, and it spoils absolutely everything including H scenes. There's not much meaning in the keywords and story overall, just four heroines to capture, preferably with voice turned off.


26. Genrin no Kishougun 幻燐の姫将軍 [010427] Eushully 1
Blood of the demons runs in the family of Riui. His mother died in persecution, his father killed for the same reason even after he fought to liberate the lands.
Riui returns home to take revenge for his family, he is ready to go any lengths for this pledge. But before he bloodies his hands his human side takes over...
There is an English review.


27. Jun'ai Kei. 純愛系。 [010427] NEOPIL
Main character gets tired of his usual life and convenient relations with his lover. On a September night girl Ai appears before him with the summer breeze feeling. She insists that protagonist must become her master as she saw it in the dream. The mysterious girl, the lover or the secret admirer - who will become the heroine of this pure love story?
Whenever I see "pure" I expect something very nasty - that's the law of the genre. Ai route immediately takes us to mild SM slave-master relations, other heroines routes ardently try to catch up to it. But overall it's a well written youth story with great style and atmosphere.


28. Kasumi KA・SU・MI [010427] Scramble House 1
Ippei Matsuba has had a lot of complicated family problems; he returns to his hometown after a 3-year absence to become a dependent of the Matsuba household. As he finishes unpacking one night, he looks up at the night sky and happens to see the retreating figure of a ninja. The following day, he attends his new school, only to find out that he had actually seen the mysterious phantom thief of the harbor; the whole school is talking about it. Ippei meets Kasumi Shiranami, the class president. She bustles about trying to take care of him, and he inwardly begins to fall for her.
Ippei happens to see the phantom thief again, and this time, decides to follow and discover the identity of the thief. As he closes in on the phantom, he is discovered and the thief gets away. He notices that the thief looks a lot like a certain girl he knows.
The stage for this game is set in our hero's hometown, Fujimi Machi. As you move your map around, you proceed by making contact with various girls. The map not only helps you locate girls, it will also help guide you in conversations with them. Being "kind" is the key to succeeding. You can't help but get some great action being this kind!
There are five heroines. Choosing the preferred girl after school is usually enough to trigger event. The ninja/thief theme is not developed even in the Kasumi route, let alone the others. Hero actually needs to learn the way of the sword to protect girls from baddies in something akin to battles. Heroines are cute, but without voicing not that impactful. 


29. Mahou no Palette 魔法のパレット [010427] Ivory 1 
Jan lost his parents in a fire when he was a child. He now tries to become a painter and travels the land as his father did. He has two purposes in his journey: to polish his skills as a painter and to find the witch with a stone called "A Drop of the Moon," which appeared in his father's painting. Unfortunately, the painting was lost in the fire, but it remains in Jan's memory. No one believes in the existence of witches, but Jan's father believed it up until his death. Jan believes his father, and he finally arrives at the famous "witch-town" of Evenburg.
Will Jan be able to finally meet the witch? This adventurous story takes place in the beautiful, medieval European-like town of Evenburg. The goal of the player (Jan) is to find the gem called "A Drop of the Moon." Throughout the quest, the player will meet many cute witches and experience exciting events with them! This title features a new "Attribute System," which appoints every witch a specific guardian gemstone. This system randomly decides which events will occur according to the personalities of the characters. For instance, if your character doesn't share matching attributes with the heroine, your character will never share the night with her! Play hard! Get the gem! Get your favorite girl!!
Game mostly for magical girl fetish. There are five heroines. Difficulty is high. Story is usually incomprehensible or stupid with sudden baddie in the end. An average moege.


30. Mujintou Monogatari X.2001 ~Sugatanaki Akuma~ 無人島物語X.2001~姿なき悪魔~ [010427] Pinpai 1
A solitary island, growing thick with tropical rain forests, lies in the middle of the Northern Sea. 10 specialists from 2 countries are dispatched to gather samples of a new virus. They encounter this new virus, ferocious beyond their wildest dreams. . . Will this group be able to gather the new virus without being infected and make it off the island with their lives?
Besides the new virus, which must be gathered to clear the game, you will encounter many different types of viruses and events that will really cause havoc. You will be confronted with many unrelated events on this tropical island. The island is dotted with many different and dangerous viruses. Through gathering all the different types, you'll have your very own virus collection!
There is a camp site and girls that receive individual instructions what to explore or do. 8 simple virus patters are given to compare virus to. Only 10 days are given to finish the job and away from the island. There are no reviews, but, as you can see, gameplay is simplified in every field compared to ancient predecessors. And that finally concludes the long Mujintou Monogatari series history.


31. Oku-sama wa Miko? 奥さまは巫女? [010427] Pajamas Soft
Two childhood friends suddenly confess to protagonist. During the golden week he must decide which one he likes the most. Shrine maiden? Magic girl? Or maybe another childhood friend of maid type?
Genre is comedy. Three heroines with different degree of depth - maid one being the weakest. Content is nothing extraordinary, quite satisfactory for its nieche.


32. Tricolore TRICOLORE -トリコロール- [010427] PL+US 1
One day, our hero receives a package from his father, the scientist. He opens it up to find a robot in the form of a girl. Her name is Shizu. His father asks him to monitor, teach, and train the robot. So begins the life of our hero and his robot. It all starts out with a lot of fun, but there is a secret hidden inside this robot: She has 3 separate personalities!
Another robot girl training game that inherits all the predecessors disadvantages. The only good part here is that each personality has her own theme and more or less own story. But you won't get away without SIM elements like increasing communication value axis etc.


1. Jii Tousaku 自慰倒錯 [010406] TinkerBell 1
Our heroine leads an ordinary life of an office girl and does not mix well with other people. Her life is very monotonous: Her work, her house, and the daily commute back and forth. Her only hobby is surfing the web before retiring at night. During this daily routine, she happens to come upon an adult mail order shop for ladies while surfing the web one evening. She decides to buy the cheapest book she can find centered on hobbies. She receives pleasure beyond her imagination from what comes in the mail. The desires of this plain and serious young girl begin to awaken...
2. Minna de Tsukushite Agechau みんなで尽くしてあげちゃう [010406] Trabulance 1
This is a combination of the popular "Tsukushite Agechau" and "Tsukushite Agechau Nandemo Shichauno" games packaged together into 1 DVD. You'll enjoy this innocent love story with lots of simple, yet rich sex scenes. Along with the new scenarios you'll find in this game, we have included wallpaper data for your enjoyment. 
We have added many new sex scenes and scenario that allow you to get it on with girls you weren't able to get in the first two series. You'll also be able to have multiple partners simultaneously. Along with present fans of this series, those of you who have never experienced "1" or "2," will really find this a fresh and new experience. 
3. Auction オークション [010413] Vega
One day main character receives a letter inviting him to attend an auction at a certain time. He gets absorbed in the act of buying, training and selling women for an underground organization.
4. Bakuetsu! Chimou Yuugi "Kakutou Shimai Monmon Hen" 爆悦!恥妄遊戯「格闘姉妹悶々編」 [010413] Megami
Main character's plans to live by holding a dojo fail. He goes to his sister's dojo to challenge her and collapses there. After being fed, he challenges sister, and with some side support the fight ends in a draw. Then the sides to settle the dispute by running dojo again. And to reduce protagonist's chances of winning girls prepare special training sessions for him each day.
Brightia [010413] Cronus 1 2
Our hero is an angel, who actually loves sex, SM, and all that fun stuff. Unfortunately, he has no chance in heaven with these pure angelic girls around. His eternal life is spent in agony and pent-up frustration. One day, the daughters of the devil are captured, and our hero is ordered to rehabilitate them. He is ecstatic with the idea of being able to havethese girls all to himself to sexually abuse and train them all in the name of rehabilitation!
There are a total of 4 demon daughters for your sex-slave training: 1The quiet and proper princess of the duke of hell. 2 The devil's defiant daughter. 3 The devil's quiet shrine maiden. 4 The daughter of a royal and very exotic family line, who is still a virgin: 4 very different types! It's up to you (the player) to decide if you will submit these girls to the torment of sexual slave-training to become obedient to your every wish, or whether you will treat them with love and compassion.
6. Dual Colors [010413] Chiffon 1
Sofia, the princess of S Kingdom is visiting Japan and intends to make the best of her remaining days as a single girl. In one month's time, she is to be married. She intends on using her remaining time having fun. Cain, the man that Sofia has been in love with since childhood has been sent to Japan at her wishes. He has been called to serve in the SP reserve forces for their country. 
On the other hand, there is another waiting for her in Japan, who is also in love with her: A girl thief. She had tried to steal the princess's ring during her last visit to Japan only to fail and fall madly in love with her. Hearing the rumor of the princess's upcoming wedding, the girl thief wants nothing more than to prevent it from happening. The girl thief hears that the princess always wears a certain necklace that will be necessary for the wedding. She vows to steal this necklace. Thievery on one side and protection on the other: Even though their circumstances are very different, they both love her. You will see the feelings of these two entwined with the expectations of surrounding people.
The story begins...
7. Ochi Yuku Seijo 堕ちゆく聖女 [010413] Studio Jikkenshitsu 1
Rock Raven used to be a student at a religious school, but he is now a servant for a rich merchant. One day, this merchant asks him to kidnap Sister Marleese from an abbey. Rock Raven sneaks into the abbey, as "Gray," a priest who has lost his religious beliefs. Marleese is the illegitimate child of a nobleman who recently died, and only a few people in the abbey know about it. The merchant gets the information from someone and tries to get the nobleman's inheritance by becoming Marleese's financial guardian. 
Even priests cannot easily contact sisters in the strict abbey. In the beginning, players may only contact a teacher named Alexis. You'll start with her in your "sister raping." Next, you'll go after Rio, Merleese's guard, and Christabel, the abbey supervisor. You can even make Merleese your sex slave!
8. Inbi no Makoku 淫美ノ魔刻 [010420] Puchi Devil 1
This game has its setting on an island in the Far East, where the North and South are divided in war. The player becomes the commander of an intelligence unit called Makoku, who invades the
enemy country to save his girlfriend, Nanayo. You, Mitsuru, promote all the beautiful women under your command to "Lust Sergeants" and train them to become lustful dolls. These lust sergeants then go out and sleep with the enemy, looking for any weaknesses there may be. You, then go in and assassinate them. 
The existence of such a team having these inhuman tactics has instilled fear in many people.
These Makoku have been renamed the Inbi no Makoku. (The lustful dolls)
By sacrificing these beautiful assassins, with their lustful appetites to sleep with enemy soldiers, Mitsuru tries with all his might to save his girlfriend. How will these girls look upon these deeds? What will Nanayo's fate be? This is a world of Japanese fantasy. Have fun with this tactical SLG, along with training beautiful girls! 
9. Saikyou Darling. 最強彼氏。 [010420] Spray
The action of the game takes place in an university dorm. It's the summer vacation and the dorm is almost empty. However there are some students who haven't gone home...
The game is devided in four parts. In the first part you are Naoki Hayama, the son of a well-known writter, who likes basketball and falls in love with Hitoshi Yoshizawa, a blond and cold guy.
In the second part you are You Onohara, a very popular guy, friend with Takashi Kizaki, the leader of the football team.
In the third story you are Daigo Tsutsumi, who falls in love with a young guy named Masaya Nakamura.
In the last story you are Kei Arimura, the teacher who must take care of the dorms during the summer. Kuniaki Shiba, a very popular student possesses a picture with you and your ex in a love hotel. So you have to do whatever he asks you in order to make him keep the silence.
Boys Love
10. Torawareta Garasu no Kokoro 捕われた硝子の心 [010420] Teatime 1 2
Upon the sudden death of his wealthy father, our hero inherits a vast fortune along with a plea included in the will: "Please continue managing our hotel." As our hero proceeds to the hotel, he meets 3 girls, who have received the same plea. There are also 2 maids working at the hotel. Shortly after arriving, our hero notices that someone has punctured his tires and that the phone lines have been cut. Far from any town or city, they are stranded in the hotel...
In this adventure game, you will spend 5 days with 5 wonderful girls, as you wait for the next delivery truck to arrive. The hotel has been produced in 3D graphics, with a complete cast of polygon characters for exciting and slippery sex scenes. Not only are you able to enjoy viewing from any angle you wish, you are also able to change any character's posture. This game provides you with complete freedom of choice. There are no unnatural joints or pieces. You will really enjoy the graphics of these girls. These are as close to real girls as you can get! 
11. Tanbi Musou Meine Liebe 耽美夢想マイネリーベ [010426] Konami
The year is 1935.
In a beautiful island country surrounded by the Atlantic ocean in Europe called Kuchen there is a famous high class boarding school called Rosenstolz Academy.
The protagonist is a new transfer student who spends two years at the academy meeting new people and experiencing many events.
Her goal is to improve herself and be able to confess to her beloved at the graduation party.
12. AND(X)AS(Y) -アンドエックスアズワイ- [010427] Zepher
Takaaki Fujimura is an average Japanese high school boy, going to an all-boys' school. Everything is the same routine, day after day, until he finds Valentine's chocolates in his shoe locker two days after Valentine's Day with a note that simply says "AND(X)AS(Y)". He continues through his normal routine, but wonders... who sent him that chocolate? Is it the girl from the neighboring school he rides the subway with, or perhaps even one of his own classmates from his all-boys' school? 
Boys Love
13. Himera 姫裸 [010427] Soubi Kenkyuujo 1
Duran was one of the knights who had pledged his allegiance to the king. However, the king betrayed them all. They were disgraced and then completely destroyed. Our hero vows revenge and roams the country reeking havoc as a black knight.
Duran and his vagabonds creep into the city one night and kidnap the king's daughter and maid in waiting. They confine the two girls in their hideout, where they rape and disgrace the two in innumerous ways.
14. ~Momiji~ "Watashi... Ningyou ja Arimasen..." ~もみじ~ 「ワタシ...人形じゃありません...」 [010427] Lune
Momiji was a shy and introverted girl even before tragedy stuck her. After her parents died and her relatives took all their money they dumped her into a boarding school for girls. She lost all her hope for the future and gave up on life.
Kazuto was the son of a rich family and one day he found the chance and raped Momiji. But when she didn't resist at all he got even more interested. He decided to fix that broken girl and went out of his way to get her to come live in his house as a maid as a start.
15. Overflow Pleasure Box オーバーフロー ぷれじゃ~ボックス [010427] 0verflow 1
PureChatter: A mini game typing.
☆QuizDE☆PonPon : Sequel to LargePonPon and a Quiz game.
PureMail Gaiden: Gaiden story of PureMail. 
PureMail After
Staff Room
A trailer of a future game
16. Prism Heart ~Ken ni Kometa Omoi~ プリズム・ハート ~剣に込めた想い~ [010427] Pajamas Soft
This mini-game and accessory collection were produced from material taken from our popular hit "Prism Heart." We have included portions of "Prism Heart" and a new and original AVG called "Okusama Wa Miko?" Furthermore, we have included a mini-game entitled "Jarajara Heart" and a quiz game as well. We have also supplied wallpaper and a screensaver for our fans that you've just got to see!
"Jarajara Heart" is a mini game in which the 5 main characters from "Prism Heart" are pitted against each other
17. Purple Fandisk パープルファンディスク [010427] Purple
Fandisc among other goodies includes a single visual novel piece. Kasumi from Kasumi Yuugi introduced Kasumi Yuugi 2 by giving production commentaries and even presenting opening of the sequel. 
18. Eternal Tether [010429] Guerilla Corps
Part four is dedicated to US intelligence officer and undercover assassin Mars meeting his old friend and now colleague from the agency Clive Smith. Clive has tender feelings about Mars.
19. Dark Abyss [010429] Guerilla Corps
Investigation comes to uncovering existence of Dark Abyss weapon auction. John infiltrates this criminal operation. At the meantime, Mars faces existence of a terrible fatal virus.
20. To Road [0104] LaplusCube
Find out who you care about at the academy reception race!
Boys Love


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