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VN of the Month July 1998 - luv wave



Kisetsu o Dakishimete and luv wave are masterpieces of the month, but luv wave is my absolute favorite

1. Mei King めい・king [980703] Nikukyuu 1
Cain, a shepherd, frees some spirits of a certain place and rescues the princess who was captured by the mountain cabin. As a benefactor of the princess's life, he receives the land and lord title from the king as well as appointment as princess's fiancee candidate. The condition for the marriage is to develop the most advanced entity in 5 years period.
This famous Japanese strategy has zero votes at VNDB and 0.67/5 score at gamefaqs, just laughable. Strategy part is building and maintaining the city, growing reputation and some daily routine work. But it's not about strategy only for sure. Based on the answers to the initial questions you get initial partner girl and lots of other partners are met further on. The density of H-events is pretty high. This game is definitely more fun gameplay-wise than sim-city. The only problem that it's long... 5 years is a huge period. All city stats are maxed by the end of 3rd year and there's little to do next than to watch same battles, festivals and events.


2. Rondo 輪舞 ロンド [980703] Bell-Da
A collection of five stories based on Japanese old legends.
One day the hero gets a means to travel between five different worlds.
It is a world of fairy tales that the hero adored since he was a child.
His exciting journey begins.
Clearing the game requires an item that has its parts scattered around. The stories are traditional Japanese fairy-tales like Taketori Monogatari. The quantity of H events is really high.


3. Code R コード・アール [980709] Quintet 1
Players assume the role of a young man who is thrust into the middle of trying to date and patch up relationships with various women while racing bad guys on the side
Game has an English review.


4. Gakuen Harem 学園ハーレム [980710] M'
Hero's father suddenly died leaving him huge assets and the whole school to manage as chief director. Hero becomes the target of many girls inside the school.
Harem in title only refers to the huge number of girls to choose from (which is 10), but the aim of the game is to get in romantic relations with just one of the girls. But when you clear everyone, harem route opens up as a bonus. The flow of the game is freely moving around, triggering events and fleeing from unwanted events.


5. Hoshi Furu Umi ni ~Koi no Sanjuusou~ 星降る海に ~恋の三重奏~ [980710] Blue Bell
At summer vacation Makoto Ozawa invited his five classmates and friends - six people - to go on a trip to the beach together.
During those three days that they spend in this trip they will develop a spiritual bond at this magical seaside.
I really fancy serial works and this is one of them. Yuki Furu Kisetsu e ~Omoi, Anata ni~ is the prequel and it had male Sawaki Shinichiro as protagonist. He goes with his girlfriend Miyashita Chiyo and it's impossible to capture her for that reason. And in this game protagonist is totally different - Makoto Ozawa. Many heroes are old acquaintances as well. But this work is even more obscure than the prequel.


6. Quadrant [980710] Inspire
One summer day sisters Lyder and Iris receive a letter from their uncle who invited them to visit a remote castle that he had bought. Sisters accepted invitation, but uncle was was not there, so they decided to way for his return.
Game is unique in that there is no main character. Player is more like a camera - just clicks on rooms of the castle and sees events. It might look like a museum type of game, but sisters stay there and get drawn to lust voluntarily. There are several endings, but it's difficult to understand ending conditions, so might bump to the same ending multiple times.


7. Up! [980710] May-Be Soft
Main character is a glasses wearing sophomore in high school. One day he starts to feel increased attention towards him from his stepmother and classmates.
Maybe Soft continues to do the same games it did during pc-98 period. Ero-centered work with female domination.


8. Akagawa Jirou: Yasoukyoku 赤川次郎 夜想曲 [980716] Victor Interactive Software 1 2
This adventure game is adapted from Akagawa Jirou's classic mystery novel Yasoukyoku – Hon ni Manekaereta Satsujin (Nocturne – Books that beckon murder) that contains two separate detective stories. The stage is set in Nonomiya Library, a mansion hidden amongst the trees in a darkened forest where a collection of books related to death are stored.
Sound novels are best suited for literary adaptations, that's why sound novels often have a unique book feeling. Hero takes a part time job to to organize some mansion's huge library in a month. He finds some book - investigates how the book appeared in the collection - incident occurs - solving it - moves on. It's a mix of horror game and detective game. There are about 10 endings for each episode with only couple of those being good ones.


9. Liaison リエゾン ~liaison~ [980716] Bell-Da 1
Kusanagi Daisakusa came to Tokyo to attend art university with a dream of becoming a painter, but he clearly lacked talent. One day he meets two women in jewelry story and that casual encounter greatly influenced his life and his upcoming biggest masterpiece.
First of all, it's been a long time to meet Bell-Da work here. Even though last works mostly had proper covers they were all very erotic works. This one is borderline as well, but at least synopsis is kind of safe. Multi ending adventure featuring 5 endings. There are four heroines, but Hideo and Minako go as a pair and captured together. Full voice (except for protagonist). Heroines have painful past, but they don't show it off. A nice feature is changing view perspective - from time to time it switches to heroine.


10. Last Child ~14th Nervous Breakdown~ Last Child ~14th Nervous Breakdown~ [980717] PIL
One day hero gets a secret club's membership card. It turns out to be a SM club run by 14 year old girls.
Since it's PIL, it's inevitably a nukige and in this case loli SM training SIM.


11. Sepia ~Oumagadoki no Monogatari~ Sepia ~逢魔ヶ刻の物語~ [980717] Rave
Makoto Yuna is a student council president and grandchild of the president of a prestigious education academy. An earthquake strikes them with a friend blocking all the aisles with jelly-like wall effectively trapping them. Who stands behind it and what will happen to them?
Game describes itself as "SM violation adventure". It's a game densely packed with H events. Playthrough length is about two hours, but there are six endings to discover.


12. Touchuukasou 冬虫夏草 [980717] Petit 1
In a rural town there has been a series of murders recently. Part of the bodies was lost as if it had been eaten by someone. Toshio Hiyama moved to this town 10 years ago and he was constantly bullied due to his introverted nature to the extent that there might be even another will lurking inside his consciousness...
Multi-branch, multi-ending ADV. There are four main heroines with their branches. Heroines are very appealing but there are frustrating bugs that damage savegame all the time and there are also game crashes on load. Game really resembles Kizuato from Leaf as there are also normal people dwelling a beast inside. So there are a lot of dark scenes. There are also branches when the hero moves between the worlds. So it's a very worthy game if you're ready to struggle with the saves backups.


13. Kisetsu o Dakishimete 季節を抱きしめて [980723] SCEI 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8
Spring. Tomoko has always been a great friend of mine since we were young. Though I only thought of her as my buddy, she seemed to have different kind of feelings for me. One day, when we are walking along the cherry blossom trees, we find a girl lying unconscious underneath a tree. It's a girl whom I had a big crush on in high school - a girl who was killed in a car accident....
There is enough English information on the game.


14. Kyouki 狂気 [980724] Gondola
A woman is invited to a mysterious remote house to open up new layers of sensuality in her.
3D works were so ugly in 1990s that players mostly got only disappointed in them. But this time there's not bad camera work, more or less pretty models and good shifts from animation to still CG that appear at the same spot that animation ends. That all creates a cinematographic effect. Overall it's a story about two naked women in one house with several endings.


15. Mujintou Monogatari 4 無人島物語4 [980724] KSS Inc.
A plane crashes into the sea, but the protagonist survives and reaches a seemingly deserted island. He teams up with other survivors and explores the island.
This is a remake of Mujintou Monogatari with exactly the same synopsis except for protagonist name. But original was a pure SIM/Strategy - this one has huge tilt into RPG instead. So it's a logical continuation of the R series, new generation only knew R game anyway and X series was not good for PS1 releases. But since it's still 4 and not some RR, it's also aimed to pose a challenge to the players comparable to the first three DOS games. And the challenge it is - there are a lot of capture pages for this game since mechanics are quite advanced. Another change is that game's played in real time. You need to command three groups in real time and there does not seem to be a pause. It's also easy to lower the mood of certain characters and it would affect the ending directly. So overall a successful revival of the old series.


16. Natsuiro Destiny 夏色デスティニー [980724] Milky Farm
Hero is asked by his grandmother to represent her as administrator of girls dormitory while she is away. He starts living with five girls under the same roof. What kind of adventures await him during this month?
A rare kusoge. The type of the game is similar to Pia Carrot and thus includes some management to be done. Despite the good opening and good-looking visuals what awaits us is totally messed up story composition that does not progress the story unless hero rapes everyone without distinction. Text is also very weak and lacking vocabulary.


17. Pocket Dream -First- Pocket Dream -First- [980724] Vision Soft
A collection of four short stories:                                                                                                           
1. SCENARIO#1【トラブル・エレベーター】
2. SCENARIO#2【紅茶のおいしい喫茶店】
3. SCENARIO#3【ホスピタル・ナイト】
4. SCENARIO#4【プライベート・ティーチャー】
Ero-centered short stories.


18. Rinkaiten ~Critical Point~ 臨界点 ~クリティカル・ポイント~ [980724] Sweet Basil 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
In the early 21st century, a sudden shortage of food and energy sparked World War III, a massive conflict that saw the deaths of millions and brought the population of Earth to 15% of its prewar level. Years later, an uneasy calm has descended on humanity, although a state of war still technically exists. Four power blocs that share control of the Moon and the earth, each looking for a weakness they can exploit against the others.
You are Captain Leiji Osumi of the Free Alliance Space Force, formerly a fighter pilot in the War. Your past is haunted by a terrible incident that caused you to change careers, transferring to the top secret intelligence division. When a series of technical problems on the Free Alliance Moon Base D-02 hint at sabotage, you are dispatched to get to the bottom of things, under the cover of "Technical Advisor."
The military learned long ago that women are better adapted to lonely assignments in space, and so the base is staffed almost entirely by females. Arriving at the base, you discover that an inexplicable sexual insanity has gripped its normally professional staff, prompting further investigation. Are these strange occurrences connected with the sabotage somehow? You have to untangle the mystery and get things back on track before one of the other power blocs notices that anything is amiss and tries to attack.
Game is localized and has lots of English reviews. It has some merit apart of H-scenes, so it will do.


19. Ryuutei Sensou Perpetuum Amor 龍帝戦争 ペルペトゥームアモル [980724] Splash
Dragonoids infest this world, but humans have learned to use dragon shape and fight with it - it got the name Lagonoid. The great dragon war is coming.
AVG sequences change with TBS combats. Graphics slightly rough. There are forced H events in game. There is a system of emotions that influence the battle, but it's rarely of use. A strong debut work of Splash.


20. Dream Generation ~Koi ka? Shigoto ka!?...~ ドリーム・ジェネレーション ~恋か? 仕事か!?...~ [980730] Reindeer 1 2
A graduate student from Shiomidai Highschool, Toranosuke-kun, came back to the town a year later. After attending the class reunion with his old friends, he decided that he has to do something about his future...
What he really wanted to do? After a year later, what he wanted to be...? Based on the path that he will choose from now on, his life is probably going to change.
At the end, he will probably find his dream and his life partner, right...?
Quite a usual dating SIM of classmate type. System is simplified so actions are only possible on weekends. Quite low budget little known work. Partial voicing and lousy storyline don't help. Main feature of the game is that you can choose out of three occupations and that it is very realistic.


21. Ojou-sama Tokkyuu お嬢様特急 [980730] MediaWorks
Ultra luxury limited express "Vega" crossing Japan in 15 days from August 1 to 15 from Hokkaido to Kyushu stopping at each station for 24 hours. The main character rides this express and goes to a trip without destination. What awaits him?
Game is all-age so full-scale tourist sightseeing was added to stir up the interest. Train sequences change with tourist spots one by one and most of the activity is finding out girls and talking to them. It's good as galge and tourist attraction, but not good as text and story oriented work.


22. Sotsugyou M ~Seitokaichou no Kareinaru Inbou~ 卒業M ~生徒会長の華麗なる陰謀~ [980730] westone
In order to find her missing brother, the protagonist follows a clue left by him and teams up with a group of boys from a local boys high school.
Sorry, I won't investigate an Otome game.


23. Yume☆Iro Iro 夢☆色いろ [980730] Feathered 1
Play as a male or female high school student from the first year to the 3rd year graduation ceremony.
Also enjoy 'Dream' Scenarios that take place in completely different settings.
A dating SIM game both for boys and girls and even with different dreams settings. It's another example of failure while trying to make a game for everyone. Dialogues are too simple and there's nothing special in the game.


24. Yuuwaku Office Ren'ai-ka ゆうわくオフィス恋愛課 [980730] Takara 1
In the vein of Tokimeki Memorial, the game follows the protagonist's love affairs inside an average Japanese company.
Raising SIM with work romance as theme. It's unusual for a game to be adults oriented. Stage is toy company so lots of cuteness is provided. It's not a work with high integrity, but heroines are different and there's a good chance everyone would find one to like.


25. 17 Sai ~My Dear Angel~ 17歳 ~My Dear Angel~ [980730] SystemSoft

Main character is a hard-working and prosperous businessman. Out of curiosity he joins "Angel Family" initiative to help lonely children. He pays for Fumika study and gives her consultation when required. However, he suddenly dies from overwork. God pities on his soul and decides to reincarnate protagonist as a young man till Fumika can firmly stand on her feet in life. So he ends up supervising Fumika study managing her daily routine.
A SIM, as expected.


26. Angel Parasite エンジェルパラサイト [980731] Loveless 1
In the year 2044, Earth was invaded by a group of huge biological entities only known as "Devil Parasite". They basically rampaged through the Earth like Godzilla and killed off over 80% of the world's population. Now, two years later, in 2046, the remaining humans have gathered together to fight back. A secret research complex was developed to research biological weapons to fight these creatures. You are basically the head of this organization. At this facility, you prepare your biological weapons, which are basically huge variations of the "Devil Parasite" and train the three pilots, Alisa, Casty and Lerike in developing their physical, mental, piloting, as well as their H abilities. To prepare for the inevitable confrontation with a Devil Parasite.
There is an English review.


27. Double Face ダブルフェイス [980731] Janis
Ryou arrives to the school male dormitory and hears rumors that dormitory is cursed. Will he his youth days pass happily around the girls or will the curse impede his plans?
Story development is aggressive and forced. Characters don't feel alive even though girls are fully voiced.


28. luv wave [980731] C's Ware 1
September 2039. XINN, the computer virus that shutdown the world's computers, threatens us again. You, detective Kaoru, must solve who and why, with your new cyborg partner, Alice. However, haven't you met her before?
This game stole my heart right off the bad. My beloved C's Ware made something akin to Ghost in the Shell?! Yes, please! So I made a full review of it.


29. Majo ni Naritai! 魔女になりたい! [980731] Trush
Emy is a school girl who does not have confidence in either knowledge or appearance. She is ready to sign a contract with devil to become a witch and life a totally different life from the current boring one. Devil's lesson how to become a witch begins!
Game's animated and of erotic contents.


30. Metsu 滅(めつ) [980731] Poison Breath 1
You and your fiancee were driving in your car one night when you were attacked by two people wearing scary masks. They then raped your fiancee, and kill you... and needless to say, you're not happy. After the two thugs leave, taking your fiancee with them and leaving your dead body behind, your soul encounters the ghosts of 3 girls that have also died tragically at the hands of those 2 thugs. With their help, you manage to reanimate your dead body Your primary goal as one of the walking dead is to rescue the person that you love from the bad guys, and take your revenge at the same time.
Game has an English review.


31. Suki Suki Daisuki! 好き好き大好き! [980731] 13cm 1 2
The main character has a desperate rubber fetish and one day he decided to kidnap a girl named Honona who he’s secretly in love with and has been stalking for one and a half years, dressed her with the customized rubber suit he  ordered for her, and locked her up in the basement.
There is an English review.


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