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Hatsukoi Syndrome



I've been avoiding Campus's games.  Why?  Because the Uso series they began with and all their other games are based in the same setting, which I thought would be pretty frustrating.  I broke down and played this one pretty much just because it was one of only three releases this month, including Grisaia's new game, which were non-nukige and non-fandisc... that said, I'll say the conclusion first.  This game isn't VN of the Month material. 

That isn't to say that this game doesn't have its high points.  Some parts of it made me smile and I cried once... but I honestly didn't like the heroine of this game.  I liked the girl the protagonist didn't end up with, so it was frustrating as hell.  In most VNs, you would have the chance to see the 'other heroine's path', but Campus only does kinetic novels, though the Uso series is continuous, with each one covering a different heroine with the same protagonist (incidentally why I've been ignoring it). 

As a result, I will most likely never get to see Haruka and Yuuto come together, which is immensely disappointing.  I liked Haruka a lot, what with her being the classic 'genius twisted up inside' character.

In comparison, Luna is... a really naive character, and once she actually falls for the protagonist, she is a really straighforward deredere heroine.  For romance-lovers, this will probably be an attraction, but I was already Haruka's fan within ten minutes of 'meeting' her, so I honestly couldn't rejoice.

Of course, that is part and parcel of the game's theme, which is about first love and its loss... but I honestly would have preferred it if the roles had been reversed for the female characters, lol.


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