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Ninki Seiyuu no Tsukurikata

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First, I should say that, left to my own devices, I would never have played this VN.  You ask me why?  It's because I avoid show-business themed VNs and anime like the plague.  If a rl friend hadn't begged me to try it, I would never have picked this VN up. 

I should say that one thing I didn't like about this game is that it has a similar protagonist to the one from Aokana... a former talent in his field who gave up and ends up helping others 'rise to the occasion'.  To be honest, I loathe VNs where the protagonist is a has-been who doesn't even face his inner demons properly in most of the paths. 

Now, getting that bit of salt out of the way, I can say that, without that, this VN is actually fairly high quality, both visually and story-wise.  The heroines felt 'alive' (an important aspect if you want to inject seriousness into the story), and their worries were ones even someone not involved with the industry can realistically imagine, thus making it relatively easy to relate to them.  The downside of this is that the protagonist is only a cipher for telling the heroines' stories and providing an excuse for h-scenes, so it will probably split opinions somewhat.

The biggest problem, for me, was that I had no interest whatsoever in the subject matter.  I don't care about voice-actors and I couldn't care less about actors, singers, etc in general.  I'm only interested in the finished product, to be blunt.  I don't want to hear stories about show business, and I rarely take an interest in a talent one way or the other (writers being an exception). 

As such, for me a lot of this VN was involved in fighting down my distaste for the entire mess as I went along.  For those who like the subject matter and don't mind the protagonist issues, this VN will be a good read.  Unfortunately, this isn't a VN I'll ever be able to appreciate without my own bias getting in the way.

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