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Manga Chronicles Part 5: Tsujiura-san to Chupacabra




Tsujiura-san to Chupacabra

Well, if Karin had good romance for shounen manga, then this one has terrible romance for a shounen manga, almost to the level of Nisekoi in terms of stagnation, but not quite.

Anyways, the manga is 35 chapters in length and is made by Sakurai Atsuhita.

The premise is that the MC named, basically Hikigaya Hachiman gone oh so wrong, saving a new transfer-student, who's pretty much the perfect student, from danger a few times and they start this fake-dating a la Nisekoi. That's the premise. What's the first thing that comes to mind? 'Nisekoi rip-off'? You're exactly right. There of course is some comedy, but it's basically one-trick pony through and through, recycling the same old skit over and over and over again. Two rivals appear later in the story, male and female. I'd say you their names, but I forgot them instantly I finished this manga. Both of them are one-dimensional, one is an ex-idol who suddenly falls in love with the MC and that's it. The male on the other hand is a rich boy, and basically does the same but to Tsujiura instead.



Well, how about the main characters? There must be something good about them? Right?! ...Not really. The MC is as I said, a cheap knock-off of the loner-type and nothing else. Even his personality is run-of-the-mill. Tsujiura on the other hand has some redeeming qualities, like her aggressiveness and yankee-like exterior, but if you want to see this personality done right in a romance setting, go read Yandere Kanojo instead. That at least has some good characters and development.

The only part that was legitimately funny was the rock-band arc... but that only lasts for one or two chapters, following with the most 'why the fuck am I reading this' final chapter ever. *sigh*



What's left? Other than this manga being the cheapest thing I've read in a long while with one-dimensional characters, MC and all, having some of the most cringiest tropes ever-present I could think of, and to top it all off having the shittiest last chapter in recent memory, there really isn't anything positive left. Other than that one chapter with the band, I guess the comedy's good sometimes, albeit rarely. If you want some good shounen manga with romantical developments and tones, DON'T. READ. THIS. MANGA.

It's awful, and you're much better off actually reading something with good development like Karin or JUST READ NISEKOI.

That'll be all, it's terrible, wouldn't recommend at all.


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