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VN of the Month: April 2016




I'm going to be honest... this was a month of unrealized potential and over-hyped games.  To put things straight in my own words... I really, really don't want to name anything from this month as VN of the Month.  If I were to name a VN of the Month based solely on quality and ignoring my own policies on sequels and remakes, it would definitely be Sengoku Koihime X.  Nothing this month even gets in the same region as that VN, for all its flaws.  Unfortunately, I do have a personal policy on naming direct sequels, fandics, and remakes as VN of the Month, so it isn't a full candidate.

On the other hand, Island, for all its hype, turned out to be something of a disappointment for me.  I like Front Wing's games, for the most part, though I do end up disliking some of them.  I honestly thought like the setting and characters looked interesting when I was reading up to it in the weeks preceding its release.  However, when I got into it, I had a definite sense of dejavu, and not in a good way.  To be honest, though I do like a good mindfuck sometimes, the somewhat absurd nature  of the ones in Island left me  a bit irritated.  Moreover, the weakness of the initial paths and the true ending were enough to push it below the level I demand of VN of the Month vns, even if it will still be named on my potential recommendations for the year as a whole.

Wizard's Complex was, in some ways, my biggest disappointment for the month.  It comes from Windmill, a company that has produced a number of first-class games (such as Kamigakari Cross Heart and HHG).  However, the hopes I had crumbled with surprising speed once I actually started playing the VN.  My misfortune in playing this VN was expecting more just because the company in question had produced more in the past.

Almost by default, this leaves Wagamama High Spec as the VN of the Month 2016... though I feel it is unfortunate that Island didn't blow it out of the water, as I'd hoped it would.  Dal Segno, for all that it had its good points, had some severe problems that just made it impossible to take seriously, in the end.



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