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Anime of the Year 1989 - Venus Senki

First of all, with 100 titles after filtering this is getting totally unreadable, so from 1990 I'm moving to coverage per season rather than per year. In 1989 there were quite a few surprises for me as I could call as many as five titles borderline masterpieces Venus Senki , Hoshi Neko Fullhouse , Majo no Takkyuubin , Tezuka Osamu Monogatari: Boku wa Son Gokuu , Assemble Insert with first one turning my personal favorite from this list.    1. Peter Pan no B


kivandopulus in Anime of the Year

Anime of the Year 1988 - Akira

Akira and Hotaru no Haka are firm masterpieces for me with the first one as personal favorite. Ginga Eiyuu Densetsu and Tonari no Totoro are borderline masterpieces.   1. Sakigake!! Otokojuku Charge!! Men's Private School 魁!!男塾 [1988-I] Lantis (Dropped 8/34) Tags: Shounen Delinquents, Martial Arts, School Action, Comedy Otokojuku: a private school for juvenile del

Anime of the Year 1987 - Ouritsu Uchuugun: Honneamise no Tsubasa

Ouritsu Uchuugun: Honneamise no Tsubasa is the only borderline masterpiece I noted in 1987.    1. Ai no Wakakusa Monogatari Tales of Little Women 愛の若草物語 [1987-I] Nippon Animation (Dropped 3/48) Tags: Historical Drama, Slice of Life  Meg, faithful and gentle, Jo, independent and energetic, Beth, quiet and shy, Amy, amiable and precocious–the four sisters live vigorously and happ

Anime of the Year 1986 - Shounan Bakusouzoku

No clear favorite this year, but a lot of masterpieces with 7 - Hadashi no Gen 2 , Shounan Bakusouzoku , Tenkuu no Shiro Laputa , Sangokushi II: Amakakeru Otoko-tachi . I don't want to choose, so the winner will be the only series in the list which is Shounan Bakusouzoku .   1. Dragon Ball ドラゴンボール [1986-I] Toei Animation (Dropped 3/153) Tags: Shounen Martial Arts, Super Power Adventure, Comedy, Fant

Anime of the Year 1985 - Megazone 23

Megazone 23 got a firm masterpiece score from me. Other masterpieces for me include Dirty Pair and Sangokushi (1985) . Great times begin from 1985 !    1. Shoukoujo Sara 小公女セーラ [1985-I] Nippon Animation (Dropped 3/46) Tags: Shoujo Historical Drama, Slice of Life Sent to an all-girls boarding school due to her father's overseas job, Sarah Crewe is a promising young girl wh

Anime of the Year 1984 - Kaze no Tani no Nausicaä

Only Kaze no Tani no Nausicaä gets a masterpiece score from me in 1984   1. Juusenki L-Gaim 重戦機エルガイム [1984-I] Sunrise (Dropped 5/54) Tags: Shounen Mecha, Space In the year 3990, the immortal Oldna Poseidal rules Pentagona, a war-torn solar system of five planets. Daba Myroad is a survivor of the Yaman Clan, just one of numerous native societies nearly wiped out by t

Anime of the Year 1983 - Hadashi no Gen

Did not expect to see Hadashi no Gen so early, but yeah, it's definitely a firm masterpiece and the winner, also only the second anime I rated as 8. However, I can call another anime within a year a masterpiece for the first time - and it's Time Slip Ichimannen: Prime Rose . Good times seem to be finally coming for anime !   1. Seisenshi Dunbine Aura Battler Dunbine 聖戦士ダンバイン [1983-I] Sunrise (Dropped 7/49) Tags: Mecha Act

Anime of the Year 1982 - Sasuga no Sarutobi

Could not call anything a masterpiece in 1982, sadly. The anime I enjoyed the most is Sasuga no Sarutobi . Hopefully, highlighting it advances its translation .   1. Sentou Mecha Xabungle 戦闘メカザブングル [1982-I] Sunrise (Dropped 6/50) Tags: Shounen  Mecha, Military Sci-Fi On the planet Zora exist two societies: the Innocent, an advanced culture that lives in domed cities, a

Anime of the Year 1981 - Jarinko Chie

I ended up with choosing just one title as masterpiece - Jarinko Chie - even though there were quite many titles close to that and also some titles without translation that could also fit my criteria otherwise   1. Kazoku Robinson Hyouryuuki: Fushigi na Shima no Flone The Swiss Family Robinson: Flone of the Mysterious Island 家族ロビンソン漂流記ふしぎな島のフローネ [1981-I] Nippon Animation (Dropped 3/50) Tags: Historical Adve

Anime of the Year 1980 - Hi no Tori 2772: Ai no CosmoZone

Marked just one title as masterpiece in 1980 - Hi no Tori 2772: Ai no CosmoZone   1. Tom Sawyer no Bouken The Adventures of Tom Sawyer トム・ソーヤーの冒険 [1980-I] Nippon Animation (Dropped 3/49) Tags: Historical Adventure, Drama, Slice of Life Tom Sawyer is a young boy growing up along the Mississippi River in the mid 1800s. Along with his best friend Huckleberry Fi

Anime of the Year 1979 - Alps no Shoujo Heidi (1979)

Alps no Shoujo Heidi (1979) is the only work I could rate as a borderline masterpiece in 1979 .   1. Akage no Anne Anne of Green Gables 赤毛のアン [1997-I] Nippon Animation (Dropped 3/50) Tags: Historical, Iyashikei Drama, Slice of Life Life isn't easy for Anne Shirley, an 11-year-old orphan with a vast imagination and a short temper. In a twist of fate, she gets taken i

Anime of the Year 1978 - Mirai Shounen Conan

Mirai Shounen Conan is the first anime that I'm rating as 8 - definite masterpiece.    1. Perrine Monogatari ペリーヌ物語 [1978-I] Nippon Animation (Dropped 3/53) Tags: Shoujo Historical Drama, Slice of Life Perrine travels across Europe with her mother, a photographer, in a cabin drawn by a donkey. They are heading to a small village in northern France, the home of Perri

Anime of the Year 1977 - Araiguma Rascal

There are no masterpieces in 1977 for me. Among the 6s, Araiguma Rascal is my choice.   1. Time Bokan Series: Yatterman タイムボカンシリーズ ヤッターマン [1977-I] Tatsunoko Production (Dropped 3/22) Tags: Mecha Adventure, Comedy A mysterious gem called the "Skull Stone" is said to be able to reveal the location of the largest vein of gold in the world. This legend has entrance

Anime of the Year 1976 - Hana no Kakarichou

No masterpieces for me, but I'd like to highlight another slice-of-life old comedy Hana no Kakarichou .     1. Haha wo Tazunete Sanzenri 母をたずねて三千里 [1976-I] Nippon Animation (Dropped 3/52) Tags: Historical Adventure, Drama, Slice of Life Based on a short section of the novel Cuore by the Italian Edmondo de Amicis, Marco is a young boy living in Genoa, Italy, tog

Anime of the Year 1975 - Shounen Tokugawa Ieyasu

Sadly, no masterpieces for me this year. But Shounen Tokugawa Ieyasu might be one if it was translated.   1. Flanders no Inu A Dog of Flanders フランダースの犬 [1975-I] Nippon Animation (Dropped 3/52) Tags: Historical, Pets, Visual Arts Drama, Slice of Life Nello Tarth is a poor but happy orphan who lives with his grandfather Jehan in a little village nearby Antwerp. N

Anime of the Year 1974 - Uchuu Senkan Yamato

Uchuu Senkan Yamato is innovative in many aspects. Pacing can sometimes be slow with it, but I enjoyed first season and looking forward to second and third ones. The only definite masterpiece for me in 1974 .   1. Alps no Shoujo Heidi アルプスの少女ハイジ [1974-I] Nippon Animation (Dropped 3/52) Tags: Historical, Iyashikei Drama, Slice of Life After becoming an orphan, H

Anime of the Year 1973 - Dororon Enma-kun

There are no masterpieces for me in 1973, but I rate Dororon Enma-kun higher than others.   1. Mazinger Z マジンガーZ [1973-I] Toei Animation (Dropped 3/92) Tags: Shounen Mecha Action, Drama, Sci-Fi The villainous Dr. Hell has amassed an army of mechanical beasts in his secret hideaway, the island of Bardos located in the Aegean Sea. He is capable of controlling mechaniz

Anime of the Year 1972 - Dokonjou Gaeru

Dokonjou Gaeru is a great comedy series and the only masterpiece in 1972 for me.   1. Muumin (1972) ムーミン [1972-I] Mushi Production (Dropped 3/52) Tags: Adventure, Comedy, Fantasy, Slice of Life A remake of the 1969-70 Moomin series. This version is more closely based on the books by the Finnish illustrator and writer Tove Jansson.

Anime of the Year 1970 - Cleopatra

There aren't masterpieces inside 1970 anime for me, but among scores of 6 I'd choose one that has a full English translation, and thus Cleopatra .   1. Attack No.1 アタックNo.1 [1970-I] Tokyo Movie Shinsha (Dropped 3/104) Tags: Shoujo Drama, Sports Kozue is a middleschool girl and enthusiastic volleyball player. Her dream is to play in the Japanese national volleyb

Anime of the Year 1960s - Taiyou no Ouji: Horus no Daibouken

Since I don't like to make separate posts for small things , here are principles that anime list is based on - no anime for kids, no hentai, no anime with episodes under 10 minutes, no OVA that are recaps of series episodes or with length under 30 minutes, no boys love, no non-Japanese language anime.   As for anime of the 1960s, Taiyou no Ouji: Horus no Daibouken is the only masterpiece for me in this period.  
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