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Prince Maker 2 -Braveness- "Walkthrough search"


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Hello everyone,

Some days ago I downloaded this game called "Prince Maker 2 -Braveness-". It is a very good rpg/simulator/vn to play, I highly sugest to play it if you haven't.


Now the main thing for this, is that I am looking for guide/walkthrough of this game, I've tried searching for one here in fuwanovel, i didn't find it. I also searched in google, and I found some. But they are pretty lo-caliber. They still fail at explaining things or events, possible routes and how to enter them, as well as how to get the good endings.


The game itself is not that dificult to play, but it is to get know, you know what I mean? It still has some bugs, like auto-cancelling events or Missing of them.


Please, if you know any that can be a good reference or if you could give brief one about:

  • Routes (Dean, Ares, Yvette, Huo Nijie, Rex, Twilight, Sister/Brother, etc.)
  • How to trigger events? (Battles, events with Lucifer, Quens and Kings, etc)
  • How to succes at the main goal of becoming emperor of the three realms? (I don't know if it is possible).
  • How to get items in game? (All clothes, materials for forging, for magic fusing, etc.)

I would highly thank you if it has all of those, but I don't care as long as it has the routes.


Thanks, hoping for your possitive answer.

(P.S. It is a yaoi game, but it also has girls you can marry and have routes with. And sorry for my english I am Mexican XD)


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