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Elminage Gothic coming to PC/Steam!


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^Contains all the info plus some fantastic artwork from the game.

Short-ish quote describing the game if you don't want to check the link(you should :P)


Some of you might remember the original Elminage game, which we released in Europe last year on PSP. The game is currently available on PSN but the boxed release was a highly exclusive offering, with one of the smallest, if not the smallest, PSP print runs ever. Only 300 very special limited edition physical copies were ever manufactured!

For those of you who enjoyed it, I’m pleased to say that Elminage Gothic offers the same classic old school dungeon crawling experience but adds a darker, more gothic twist to the game’s theme and art style.  It features multiple character classes, hundreds of stunningly designed monsters, creatures and demons, well over 80 hours of gameplay and it even goes right down to including the traditional “THAC0” system (which certainly takes me back!)  If you’re like me, then I’m sure you’ll agree that there’s a definitely a simple pleasure in delving deep into dungeons searching for hidden treasures and slaying monsters!


Currently aiming at a Summer release.

They are also bringing Agarest 2, but considering that they are now starting to bring non-Agarest stuff and it's a JP Wizardry like with goddamn THAC0 IMHO this eclipses it by far <333333333333

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