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Remembering the Kanji and raw visual novels

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So I have been doing Remember the kanji for about 2 months and I now remember about 1,500 kanji and just 1 meaning associated with it. 


I read about it at http://visualnovelaer.fuwanovel.net/2013/02/how-to-read-visual-novels-in-japanese-in-2-years-time-or-1-year-if-you-are-fast-%E2%80%95-learn-to-read-through-vn-or-anime/  As I found it promising I gave it a go. Oh I used RevTK instead of Anki.


So I have been able to recognize many kanjis when reading raw visual novels. But of course the translation by Atlas is still best and I got used to the crappy engrish. But it was amazing to recognize some kanji that usually stands by itself like 夜night,嬉overjoyed,皆everyone(minna*-san*).Well some of the keywords are obsolete but its manageable and if its too bad I can just change it.


So after my acquisition of all the joyo kanji(2136) I am thinking if I should progress and learn more japanese vocabulary formally using flashcards.


Also my aim would be to read Baldr Sky(english translation stalled),since its RPG I could just use Atlas,TA,Mecab and ITH but the rpg elements would not be translated.Also I want to read Infinite Stratos 2 on the psvita(just got released).


Anyone here have finished Remembering the Kanji and just learned kanji through context and have great progress.


I would like to hear ur thought on this. . . 

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I found just learning Kanji didn't do much for me, and I had to turn to learning the grammar before I started to actually progress in learning Japanese. I slowly pick up kanji as I go along now, and if I want to read raw games I can usually just cheat and use a text hooker to hook kanji for me. (I just need to figure out how the kanji is used at that point, since the dictionary definitions usually aren't that great).

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