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Monster Girl Quest 1

Toroto Resistance | 2011 | RPG / 18+



In a world, where monsters take the forms of women who lust after a substance only men can give them, one boy is fated to change everything forever. And to continuously get raped doing so.


Route Guideline


  • Hard Mode is perfectly doable (with few resets here and there)
  • Surrender gives you a CG but make sure to fill up Request before you do so, then Evaluate and fight them normally
  • The game is very linear


Ilias (Continent)


In battle, the Slime Girl is pretty basic, expected as the first monster fought in the game. She quickly introduces the player to the bind status as the battle will start with Luka pinned by her, so the first port of call is naturally to use Struggle to break free.

After that, it's all about using Attack. However, the first time she will dodge it and the second and third time, she will use Recombine to heal 15 HP. Luka then has “Flail Wildly” as a useable technique through the Attack function, which greatly disrupts her healing technique and recovers only 5 HP. Seeing that normal attacks will only do less damage than she can recover with Recombine, using the technique is the best way forward. Once she loses enough health, she’ll flee.

She does have some tools under her belt: Slime Wrap has two stages with the second stage allowing her to use Slime Handjob, another technique. She can also use Slime Absorb if bound and below half health, going straight to Slime Heaven and using it as an instant follow-up attack until Luka loses all his HP.

If Luka loses his first battle, the Slime Girl will take advantage of him after absorbing the lower half of his body, giving the appearance as vaginal penetration as she rides him cowgirl style, then taking him home to use him as a feeding slave and a mate.




Being a slug and along with Luka's current level of ability, his attacks simply do nothing to her. No matter how many times he Attacks in the normal fashion, it will not work.

She then climbs onto Luka, which requires Struggling two times to break free, being a beginner monster her bind attacks don't lead to one hit KOs so he is relatively safe. After attacking twice selecting the Attack option again will provide two options "Attack Normally" or "Throw Salt", the latter doing substantial damage to the monster. Lowering her HP enough, she will flee the scene.

If Luka is defeated, the Slug Girl wraps him up in a mucus lined membrane, forcing him into her vagina for impregnation. She then takes him away and keeps him as a mate.




Introducing the paralysis status, she attacks Luka with her Fellatio constantly. During the status ailment, keep trying to attack; if Luka simply Waits, he automatically loses to her Tit Fuck. Just as Luka is at the brink of the edge, he manages to break free and attack, ending the battle in Normal Mode.

If on Hard Mode, Luka's health is restored to the halfway point and the battle continues normally. Use Demon Decapitation and attack until she decides to retreat.

If Luka succumbs to her Fellatio, she will keep sucking his penis. If he loses to her other attacks, she performs vaginal intercourse. Either way, she then takes Luka deep down into the ground where she continues raping Luka in her sleep, thus keeping him as a sex slave.




In the first battle, Luka must attack; she’ll disappear and then trip him and comment on his tactic. Enraged, Luka uses Demon Decapitation, however she avoids it. Dialogue commences, and Granberia leaves.

Using Guard, Wait, Surrender, or Request does nothing in particular and is merely lines of dialogue. If Luka Guards, Granberia asks why the hell he’s just standing there, and Luka adds on that it’s like he’s just waiting to be killed. If he Waits, Granberia believes that he’s screwing with her and beckons him to come. If he tries to Surrender, she won’t allow it for having challenged her. If he chooses Request, she’d ask if he’d think she’d listen to anything he says. Additionally, if Luka attempts to attack twice, he knows that half-assed attacks won’t work and he has to use Demon Decapitation.

If Luka uses Flail Wildly, she gets annoyed and renders him helpless with one blow, then picks him up to snap his spine. Her breath against his skin causes an erection, which Granberia notices. She rapes him with a handjob, then takes him back to the Monster Lord’s Castle to be used as a sex slave by its inhabitants.




Earthworm Girl is a relatively standard battle for her point in the game. Like many monsters she has normal and binded attacks. Sticky Mucus will not do too much by itself, plus it is also her only standard attack.

When she uses Coil to bind you, the situation will worsen a little, it will take a couple of turns to break free, during which you will most likely just take a single hit from Tighten. However, there is also an inherent danger in her ultimate attack, Sweet Worm is a binded attack and will end the battle after a series of unstoppable attacks.

If Luka loses, she will suck up his semen before opening up her tail, clamping onto his penis, wrapping around him and keeping him, even sucking away while he is asleep.




She receives a preemptive strike and uses Sand Hurricane, ending up throwing sand in Luka’s face. Seeing an opening, she then uses Power Up for Earth Crashing Goblin, which has an incredibly long setup time. If Luka does not Guard, she will dominate him and leave him at mercy of her vaginal intercourse. On Normal difficulty, she’ll flee, while the battle continues on Hard and Hell difficulty.

The next part of the fight is basically exchanging blows, using Demon Decapitation and struggling to break free of her binds. After lowering her HP, she trips, surrenders, and flees.

If Luka succumbs, Goblin Girl mounts him and performs a vaginal intercourse. Afterward, she takes him to be a sex slave of the Four Bandits.




First, she will receive a preemptive strike and bind Luka. He can either Attack and push her off or Struggle to unwind her. If he Waits, she'll lower his pants and prepare a vaginal intercourse; he will automatically receive a KO if he waits again. After being freed from her grasp, she cries and pouts, and if on Normal Difficulty, she flees.

If on Hard or Hell Difficulty, she continues fighting. With limited commands, it is merely trading blows, preferably with Demon Decapitation and Struggling to remove her bind. After lowering her HP enough, she runs away.

If Luka succumbs, she rapes him with her vagina while he is bound by her tail, then carts him off as a sex slave to the Four Bandits.




Like the Tiny Lamia, she receives a preemptive strike and clings onto Luka, which requires an Attack or Struggle to push her off. If he Waits, she'll lick and bite his neck, using Energy Steal on him, until she prepares to suck his dick on the third turn which results in an automatic KO after a relentless barrage of the attack.

However, unlike the Tiny Lamia, she does not flee. She tells him to look into her eyes as she uses Focus Magic to perform Eyes of Obedience; if he does not Guard, she hypnotizes him to lick her pussy, Face Riding him, until both reach a climax, resulting a KO. If on Normal Difficulty, she'll cry and run away, otherwise she'll continue to fight on Hard and Hell Difficulty.

The continuous battle results an exchange of attacks using Demon Decapitation and Struggle to remove her binds. However, she will attempt to use Eyes of Obedience and this time it will not require a charge; Luka will “surrender” as he is Face Ridden by Vampire Girl until he regains his senses. After reducing her HP, she flees.

If Luka succumbs, she will suck his penis and have him ejaculate several times. If he loses to Face Ride, Luka orgasms from the pleasure and she performs a vaginal intercourse. Either way, Luka becomes a sex slave to the Four Bandits.




Like the other Bandits, she receives the preemptive strike, although this attack is not a bind. Luka then attacks once, realizing he needs something better to cut through her thick scales. Using Demon Decapitation, he ends their little battle.

If he succumbs to her power, she rapes him with vaginal intercourse. Afterwards, he is kept as a sex slave to the Four Bandits.




This battle can be difficult and luck based on Hard Difficulty, but is simple on Normal. Starting with Demon Decapitation is recommended, and then she will always use Sweet Honey as her first attack. Attacking normally and using Demon Decapitation is a fair way to go forward.

She can bind Luka when she uses her Binding Lick, and it will usually take two Struggles to break free. She is not too much of a threat if she does bring Luka into a bind, but be sure to always remain on the offensive.

She has two H-scenes, one from losing to her normal lick attack and one from losing while bound. Should Luka lose to her normally, she will pin him down and continue to lick the semen and honey off his body, pouring more honey onto him and delighting in his taste. If he loses in her bind, she will go on to mate with him, using her furry, seductive insect vagina to bring him under her charms before carrying him off to become a mating slave.




Harpy will start the battle flying, and because of this, Luka can not hit her. Guard until she uses Throw Down and binds him, preparing for vaginal intercourse which results in a KO. Because she is not holding down his arms, Luka can attack to break free, scoring a critical hit. On Normal Difficulty, she will flee, however she continues to fight on Hard or Hell difficulty.

Weakened, she will no longer fly away from his attacks. Throwing in Demon Decapitations and Attacking while bound is the key to victory.

If Luka succumbs, the Harpy takes him back to her home, mounts him, and has sex with him. She then keeps him as her mating partner for the rest of his life.




The twins act much like the Harpy from the previous battle; they will avoid Luka's attacks and they do not hold down his arms when restrained. Of course, if he waits while bound, it leads to a KO. After Attacking while bound, a critical hit is achieved and they are pushed off. If on Normal Difficulty, the younger sister makes Luka guilty and he flees, otherwise the battle continues normally on Hard or Hell Difficulty.

Like with the Harpy, after being struck they will no longer dodge his attacks, as a result Demon Decapitation and Attacking when bound leads to victory.

Losing means the little sister will suck Luka off, then they take turns raping him with their vagina. In the end, he becomes their mating partner for the rest of his life.




Compared to the harpies before her, the Queen’s combat abilities are far superior. She also does not attempt to evade, as thus Luka does not need to wait for her to bind him.

As an early boss there is not much that can be done apart from Attacking and using Demon Decapitation. She has a variety of attacks in her normal stance, and she has options when binding too. Once in a bind it will be nigh impossible to escape, however she can be attacked before she uses Royal Insertion to score a critical hit and escape.

The real clincher is Royal Invitation which is her counter stance: her feathers rise up around her. Luka must Wait or Guard two turns otherwise using any attack will be reversed into a one-hit KO with Happiness Rondo which is an instant follow-up technique. Other than that, the battle is straight forward.

Once Luka loses all his HP, the Queen Harpy will take him into her to mate with him, entrancing him and turning him into a willing mating partner, much like the rest of the male villagers.




With not much in the way to use different strategies, the battle against the Dark Elf Fencer is purely to outdamage her and hope she doesn't use Kiss of Ecstasy, her trance attack, as there is no way to avoid it. Other than that, her attacks are just normal ones.

Start with Demon Decapitation and use it whenever the SP requirement is met. Always be on the offensive, the strategy is to beat her before she beats Luka. Her Kiss of Ecstasy can complicate things as Luka will be unable to act for several turns.

If Luka succumbs, the Dark Elf mounts him and uses her dark powers to corrupt him by forcing pleasure onto him and absorbing his soul. After the initial ritual, she and Luka consumate their lust until he dies.




Much like the battle before, remain on the offensive and aim to finish the battle as quickly as possible. Enter with Demon Decapitation and just keep attacking to regain SP and use it again. She should fall relatively quickly but her main trump card is her bind. Apart from being unable to attack and using up turns Struggling to break free, she can also heal herself by using Tentacle Drain to drain health.

If Luka succumbs, she will use her tentacles to strip him, then bringing him to climax by wrapping one of them around his crotch before wrapping him up in her appendages and bringing him to his death by sucking out all of his semen and energy.




Repeatedly use Demon Decapitation and build SP for it. Her only nifty kink is her bind, which requires three Struggles to break free from it.

If Luka falls, she will suck Luka to his death in her giant leech mouth.




Start with the newly gotten Thunder Thrust, then attack and then use Demon Decapitation whenever possible.

If Luka loses, the Rafflesia Girl binds him to her plant mouth, then repeatedly uses her tentacles to stroke his penis in order to pollinate. Afterwards, she keeps Luka as a reproductive slave.




Like the previous battle, start off with Thunder Thrust, then keep building SP for Demon Decapitation

Just fight this battle as you normally do. Start off with a sword skill and use normal attacks to build up SP. If she binds you, just struggle to break free.

If Luka loses, she’ll force him to perform vaginal penetration before her body’s digestive juices melt down his body and eat him, resulting a vore scene.




Despite being young and having two tails she is more than a match for normal humans despite her tendency to slip up. The battle is particularly straight forward with no binds and is only marked by the unique Clone action halfway during battle.

The battle is fought in stages, for the first part she will bounce between Fluffy Tail, Lick Lick and Rub Rub, all of which are standard attacks. The second stage is triggered once her health is reduced below 50%, using the turn to activate Clone which will create two false illusions of her. Luka must decide which one to attack but she still only gets one attack per turn, though if he hits a fake, it will not disappear. Additionally, the real one smirks (the one to the left) when she activates the technique, a major flaw on her part.

During the Clone phase she will still use the first three attacks, attacking the clones will result in causing no damage at all, giving Kitsune a chance to attack unhindered. Attacking the real one will force her to counter attack with Double Tail which hits twice. After using it once she will revert to her original attack pattern for the rest of her third section.

If she lays the smack-down on Luka, she will proceed with getting herself and the Hero Apprentice married. The route to such a coupling is simply forcing the human to orgasm three times, far from a consensual approach, but one that turns Luka into a willing husband upon reaching her home.




As an early battle, Meda is quite simple to take care of: she only has one standard attack. The main task in the battle is to keep free of her and continuously Struggle when bound, as she will use two turns to capture Luka and bring him to the point that she will use her one-hit KO attack with Restriction and Bound Tentacle respectively. Should he reach her vagina Luka will take damage and then be taken care of with a relentless barrage of Thousand Worms which won't stop until his HP has been reduced to zero.

Once Luka has reached that critical HP point in battle, she will bring him up to her lower mouth to feed on him and will keep hold of him in her tentacles and suck him dry to his death.




In this battle, her clincher is her Body Wrap where she binds Luka. There is no way to break her web, so Struggling is useless; unload Skills on her before she uses it, and after that only Attacking works. Once Luka’s wounded four times, she will instantly lead to Forced Violation which will instantly KO him.

If Luka loses, she will wrap him up in a cocoon and eat him alive. If Luka loses to Forced Violation he’ll get stuck in her web for the rest of his life continually feeding her his semen.




  • Open if you want the CG and fight her (very hard battle, but it gives extra exp)
  • You get one CG when you attack while the chest is closed and another when you surrender
  • You will need luck to win this one. Do not attack her when the chest is closed. You are probably going to lose if she uses Slow Swallow which is not a rare move at all. Sometimes she won´t do anything. You will need quite a few resets to win this fight and hope she won´t use any attacks.
  • Once she defeated you will get 500 exp and be level 12 so it´s very well worth the extra trouble.




With seven tails, she can easily be overwhelming if Luka isn’t careful. She also has binds which requires two turns of struggling. Thunder Thrust first and throw in Demon Decapitations if needed. Additionally, Meditation plays a critical role in this battle.

The main difficulty with Nanabi is her Seven Moons technique. A leaf appearing on her head followed by three turns of Magic Concentration signals the use of this technique, so use this time to heal or attack. Right after she finishes, immediately Guard to withstand the massive tail attacks; Luka needs at least 100 HP (though one can get away with being a few HP below in the second Seven Moons attack) in order to survive. She then takes one turn to rest. After surviving, use the rest of the SP to Meditate and attack normally for the remainder of the battle.

After dealing more damage, she will attempt Seven Moons again, so repeat the strategy used to survive it. Annoyed, Nanabi then uses Hypnotic Eyes to put Luka to sleep and prevent him from recovering. She then uses Tail Massage, only to be dodged by Fallen Angel Dance, which surprises her. She uses it again, and Luka mysteriously dodges with the same technique. He then attacks her with Ninefold Rakshasa, shocking her even more. She uses Two Moons, which again is dodged, and returns fire with Heavenly Demon Revival. Nanabi then attempts Seven Moons, but Luka counters and seals her with Daystar.

If Luka is defeated, Nanabi will rape him with a vaginal intercourse. If he were to succumb to her Seven Moons, the tails become tentacles, which she uses to suck on Luka’s penis. In any case, he becomes her husband after rape.

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Natalia (Sentora)


In the first battle, Alma Elma will only fight with her tail; no hands, no feet, no magic. Luka must attack a few times until he’s given the option to use Demon Skull Beheading; she’ll catch it, but having used her hands, she loses and leaves.

If captured, Luka needs to struggle or he’ll be doomed as Tail Sucking will lead to a one hit KO on the next turn with a barrage of attacks.

If Luka holds out long enough during the battle with the use of Meditation, Alma Elma will become bored and use Tail Drain, which is required to complete the Encyclopedia. Unlike the other bind attack, it will connect as soon as it’s preceding Tail Roll hits before leading to a one hit KO.

If Luka is defeated, her tail will constantly suck on him until he passes out for a few minutes. Next is a vore scene: Alma Elma’s tail then expands and consumes him.




This is an easy battle. Just use normal attacks to defeat her. If you’re bound, struggle to break free.

If Luka loses, his semen is endlessly used as a source of food for the rest of his life.




Just use normal attacks to defeat her. She has a strong binding attack. Once you’re bound, she’ll attack two turns for every one you get while bound. Just struggle as soon as you’re bound.

If Luka loses, he’ll be forced to become her husband.




Lamia is not too difficult, her only gimmick being her bind, which requires Struggling. Her restraint ability is rather unique, allowing her to attack twice. However, if she uses Constrict four times, Luka will be trapped and will have no choice but to submit to the remainder of her Constrict attacks. Simply keep attacking while preserving SP for Demon Decapitation or Meditation.

Once Luka lowers her health down all the way, a second phase of the battle begins. Both characters will heal completely, although Lamia does not have much health as she did before. She will strip and begin to ‘fight seriously’ by putting Luka in an unbreakable bind, forcing him to Normal Attack. If he does not defeat her within four turns, he will be trapped and forced to submit to her vagina.

If Luka loses, she’ll give him a blowjob and a tit fuck simultaneously, after which, she will make him her toy. However, if he is defeated by Constrict, he’ll end up in the belly of the beast. If he loses to her in the second round, she’ll pleasure him with her vagina and he becomes her mate.




In the second battle, she only wants to see his offensive techniques, so Luka needs to use Demon Decapitation, Thunder Thrust, and Demon Skull Beheading. Most of the time, she will just quietly hold her sword, but will progressively use dangerous attacks. After Luka satisfies her desires, she leaves.

After Luka normal attacks, Guard A will appear, only to be defeated by her Upper Slash while taking 287 damage and crumpling on the floor. Attacking a third time, Guards B and C jump in, and meet the same fate as Guard A; with Cleave, B takes 389 damage and C takes 375 damage. Guards D and E are shocked and do not attempt to interfere.

Using Meditation or Flail Wildly will only provide extra dialogue. For Meditation, she is slightly curious for being a healing technique, and she becomes a bit annoyed with Flail Wildly for fooling around. She will say nothing for Edging, though.

If Luka draws on the battle for too long, she’ll be disappointed and use Demon Skull Beheading * Blaze, instantly defeating Luka. This technique is required to complete the Monsterpedia and the achievement Took the Flames of Granberia’s Demon Skull Beheading * Blaze.

If he fails to put up a fight, the Guards run away and she rapes him with a foot-job, then keeps him as a sex slave.




An incredibly stubborn and persistent monster, she will avoid every attack Luka tries to dish out except for Thunder Thrust. Save SP for that maneuver and defeat her quickly before she defeats Luka.

She has one dangerous ability: Pacifier Paralysis, which causes paralysis, hence its name, and leave Luka vulnerable for several turns.

If Luka loses, she rapes him via vaginal penetration, then traps him in her dimension to rape him for all eternity.




Her main gimmick is her bind, which allows her to use various attacks at her disposal. She will first spend a few turns reading her book, then captures Luka, which requires three turns of Struggling.

If Luka loses, she’ll give him a handjob, then captures him within her book to be used for eternity to satisfy her curiosity.




She is a particularly dangerous monster, able to deal two attacks in one turn, although sometime she spends one of those times doing nothing but reading. Use normal attacks while saving SP for Meditation.

Her bind is also dangerous, if Luka does not escape, Page 65537 will use Forced Semen Squeeze which is a vaginal penetration and an one hit KO move.

After dealing one third of her hp as damage, her hair becomes undone and she will read her Book of Paralysis. This takes two turns to prepare, and on the third turn she will use Eye of Paralysis to temporarily disable Luka's ability to attack.

After another one third of her hp as damage, her glasses will fall off and she will read Book of Submission for three turns. On the fourth turn, she will use Eye of Submission to force Luka to “Surrender”, causing him to masturbate for a while; this can be potentially dangerous, because it deals a lot of damage.

Once her health drops to zero, she gets sealed. However, because of her special body composition, she turns back into her original form stating that her only weakness is fire. Some dialogue happens and suddenly flames appear as Alice managed to set the library on fire by screwing up her potato. This manages to seal Page 65537.

If Luka loses, she will invite him to her pussy and he is sucked until his death.




Being an intermediate-leveled monster, she isn’t too difficult; the only thing to watch out for is her binds which require struggling, and if she prepares Melty Wash, attack instead. During a few turns, she may merely speak and do nothing.

With no terrain for Demon Skull Beheading, use Thunder Thrust and Demon Decapitation, and continue with Demon Decapitation until she goes down.

If he were to succumb to her washing techniques, she cleans his dick repeatedly until she decides to release him. However, he becomes a slave to the pleasure and abandons his journey to become washed by her every day.




You need to win this fight as quickly as possible, since there’s no way to avoid her bind and paralyze attacks.

Once you’re being dragged into her umbrella, you need to attack instead of struggle.

Use sword skills along with normal attacks to build up SP.

If Luka loses, she’ll digest him.




This battle is very complicated as Luka is permanently bound and he can’t get free with Struggle, so only attacking works here.

Since Luka can’t use skills, this battle is quite straightforward; just attack every turn. She has two clinchers: Tentacle Trance, which results a trance, and Mouth Draw, which requires a Struggle or an instant loss will occur.

If Luka loses, he’ll be drawn into her mouth and be eaten.




This battle is a bit complicated in that all of Luka’s attacks and skills are completely futile. He is then given the option to attack from behind, and the attack successfully connects. Skills do not work, as he can’t swim around her and use a skill at the same time. Other than that, just keep normal attacking and then Struggle thrice once she uses her only Absorb attack.

If Luka loses, he’ll be absorbed by her and assimilated into her body.




As the queen of the southern seas, she should not be underestimated. Unlike regular monsters, she attacks twice per turn. The use of Thunder Thrust followed by repeated Demon Skull Beheadings or Meditation can help lower her HP.

After dealing some damage, the queen will bind him. This requires Struggling three times, however if Luka stalls for too long, she'll follow up with Tentacle Smash which is a one-hit KO.

Dealing more damage, she'll raise her tentacles via Targeting which follows up to Tentacle Heaven and a one-hit KO. As thus, Guard is needed to dodge the attack.

After dealing some more damage, she'll use the Aqua Pentagram, a barrier manipulated out of time and space, which invokes the Absolute Water Defense to render Luka’s attacks worthless. After attacking twice, Alice shows up as a “suspicious shadow” and puts Luka to sleep, then leaves. The Kraken then returns her attention on Luka and attacks with Tentacle Caress, which is avoided by Fallen Angel Dance, and she begins feeling Luka is a different person. Luka then cuts the Aqua Pentagram with Flash Kill, then follows up with Daystar. The queen trembles as Luka uses Ninefold Rakshasa. Realizing she doesn't stand a chance, Kraken loses the will to fight and Alice returns to restore Luka to his original state.

If Luka succumbs, she judges him as a thief who raised his blade at a queen while attacking monsters within her domain; three crimes. For that, she imprisons him in the temple while preventing him from creating children, and as a result she will squeeze him dry every day. She caresses his penis with her tentacles and violates him anally, and this will continue for the rest of his life.




Just use normal attacks along with sword skills. As soon as you’re restrained, you must struggle immediately or you’ll lose any chance at victory in a single turn.

If Luka loses, he’ll get raped until his death.




Use sword skills along with normal attacks to build up SP. Use Meditation to restore your health when it’s low. Once you’re bound, you need to struggle right away.

If Luka loses, his energy will be sucked by her hair until his death.




Zombie Girl has incredibly weak attacks meaning Meditation is absolutely unnecessary. Her only gimmick is her bind which immediately leads to Pointless Mating on the next turn, which can easily be escaped from with a Struggle. Other than that, the battle is simply straightforward.

If Luka loses, the Zombie pointlessly mates with him and the cycle endlessly continues.




Unlike Zombie Girl, their attacks and bind are a bit more powerful. Since there are three of them, it takes a bit more patience to take them all down. Once the third one remains, her struggle becomes very weak, but her next turn will lead up to Pointless Mating.

If Luka loses, the three of them take turns raping him. Chrome peers in, wondering about Luka's presence, but lets her zombies resume raping him. The rape continues endlessly.




Unlike the zombies before her, Frederika will take things to a new level, hence being Chrome’s ultimate zombie.

Her health is ridiculously high considering the damage she could lay down is usually fairly minimal, that said she isn't too dangerous if Luka paces himself in battle, using SP for Meditation, as above half health for the whole battle once the later stages occur.

Like all other monsters she has a variety of normal attacks in the form of her “Corrupted” skills, but she will be very dangerous in a bind. Luckily she won't use her more damaging skills until enough damage has been dealt to her, at two-thirds of her full HP Chrome will begin commanding her to use Immoral Trio which will hit three times. At one-third HP she will unlock the potential for her most dangerous ability, automatically going into Throw Down to bind Luka.

There is no chance to escape the bind off the bat, it will take a few turns and in a bind she will use Corrupted Footjob twice each turn. If she uses Reverse-Rape Preparation during Luka's time on the floor it will be make or break time, use this chance to attack and break the bind. Miss the chance and Luka will be led into a one-hit KO script as Pointless Mating will engage a rape scenario which gives Luka no chance to retaliate.

If Luka succumbs to the ultimate zombie, Frederika will get to grips with him using her vagina. Chrome then locks the pair away for a year of sex to test her capabilities. Afterwards, Chrome will take semen samples from Luka using her pussy and then continue the experiment with the improved ultimate zombie monster.





Her HP is rather low compared to her Zombies, but she can deal high damage. Since her HP is low, Luka needs to defeat her quickly; being too defensive might lead to defeat. Use Demon Skull Beheading along with normal attacks to build up SP.

She can cause restraint Luka and use personal pleasure attacks, which requires Struggling to break free. When she uses I’ll Rape You!, she will prepare a vaginal intercourse which requires an attack to break free.

Another gimmick is her I’ll Give An Injection! which causes paralysis.

If Luka loses, she mounts him and rides him cowgirl-style during vaginal penetration. He’ll then be toyed with as a guinea pig for the remainder of his life.


Alice is rendered unconscious due to the ghosts, so there is no help from her. This battle is a little more difficult as Chrome or her ghosts can attack twice per turn. Like the previous battle, she can use I’ll Give An Injection! to paralyze Luka and can also use Ghost Restraint to bind Luka. Finally, she can also use Phantasmagoria at random which is a one hit KO via instant follow-up, so Serene Mind is an obvious necessity.

If Luka loses, Spi and Rit force Luka to ejaculate on Chrome's ass, then offers vaginal or anal sex. He is then made into a guinea pig for the rest of his life, like before.




Although she’s a very weak enemy, she does have a high avoidance rate. Attack her and bum rush her with Death Sword Chaos Star before she can get a chance to use her restraints.

If Luka loses, he’ll be played with as a toy for the rest of his life.




A rather skilled yet persistent monster, she keeps her distance, making Normal Attacks ineffective; only Demon Decapitation and Thunder Thrust can close in on her and attack when she is far away. While maintaining distance, she fires her Paralysis Arrow to stun Luka for three turns, then closes in to use sexual attacks. Afterwards, Luka can attack to score a hit before she jumps away again, however she will dodge Demon Skull Beheading and Death Sword Chaos Star. This pattern will continue throughout the battle.

To win, attack to acquire SP, even if she is so far away, and use it for Demon Decapitation.

As soon as she uses Mount, Struggle or Attack to break free, otherwise this will lead to a loss. Fortunately, paralysis breaks off once she uses Mount.

If Luka loses, she sadistically rapes him with her vagina. Afterwards, he’ll spend the rest of his life as the Elf’s pet.




Since they’re fairies, their avoidance is annoyingly high. To ensure you hit, use offensive techniques. Use normal attacks to build SP and use Meditation if needed, and of course Struggle if bound.

If Luka loses, the two cling onto his penis and toys with it. Afterwards, he’ll be played with for the rest of his life.




This battle can be rather troublesome, as they can attack three times in a row. Additionally, their restraint can be rather difficult to Struggle and break from, and is potentially dangerous. Quickly bum rush them with Death Sword Chaos Star before they make matters worse.

If Luka loses, they restrain him and toy with various parts of his body. Afterwards, he’ll be played with for the rest of his life.




The battle is more of a test of patience, which requires many turns of waiting; If Luka attacks, the attack is blocked by Wind Guard and she’ll immediately counterattack. She does not attack offensively, and continuously tempts Luka to attack her.

On the second turn, she reveals her weakness: her technique makes her tire out. Thus, use Wait or Guard until Sylph releases her wall of wind which occurs after ten turns, and then attack her. With one attack, she cries and submits to defeat.

If Luka attacks too much and loses, Sylph flies into his boxers and strokes his penis repeatedly, and keeps him as a sex toy.




Being a chimera, she is not to be underestimated. She has various attacks, a trance, and a bind that can overwhelm Luka with ease. The use of Death Sword Chaos Star can help whittle her HP down.

There are two issues with this battle: her bind, and Rose of Strangulation. The former requires struggling unless she prepares Floral Funeral, which requires an attack to break free. The latter opens up a bright red rose on the chimera’s body, which must be guarded.

After lowering her health by a third, Sylph chimes in and tells Luka to use her power. Doing so, her Wind Protection cuts up all of the Dryad's attacks, except for Rose of Strangulation. Continue fighting normally and guarding the Rose until she goes down, and recall Sylph if necessary.

If defeated, the chimera’s petals suck on various parts of Luka's body, ignoring his points of ejaculation. The creature then performs a vore scene where she wraps up his body and consumes him.

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Safina (Sentora)


The strongest attack in Tarantula Girl’s arsenal is Tarantula Rape which is preceded by Viscous Silk Preparation and Viscous Silk Spray. The preparation attack is simply a warning before the rest as Sylph ask to be summoned if she isn’t up. Sylph herself is the only current defense against Viscous Silk Spray, making summoning her important in this battle.

If Luka avoids Sylph’s warnings, Tarantula Girl will go on to use Viscous Silk Spray which binds, but it’s only aesthetic as Tarantula Rape will follow up immediately and not relent, thus resulting a one-hit KO.

Other than that, she also has a few standard attacks and another binding attack which is less dangerous. Tarantula Hold will put her in a position to use Tarantula Torture and Restrained Tarantula Caress. The bind is relatively easy to escape from over a few turns and shouldn’t pose a problem unless Luka’s HP is low when she starts to pin him down.

Depending on how advanced the conditions are when she has defeated Luka, she will pin down Luka before covering him in silk and having her wicked way with him to suck him dry through the spinneret in her abdomen.




Overall, Minotauros is a fairly average fight with a fair variety of attacks which may not seem too testing at first, but her main gimmick is her huge axe in the Minotauros Crash technique which will cause paralysis and lead to being in a bind, the combination of the two leaving Luka pretty much helpless. She soon follows up with her one hit KO attack Minotarous Rape which does not relent until Luka's HP drops to 0. Unlike the battle with the Tarantula Girl, there is no warning nor preparation when she'll use Minotauros Crash, so Sylph is mandatory.

If Luka can't handle her brawn, she will make short work of restraining him and "milk" him with her mammaries until he passes out before taking him home as a sex slave.




A troublesome foe due to her Venom Tail, causing paralysis; Sylph is necessary to avoid it. However, her Petra Scorpio can pose another problem; she reveals an opening in her tail and mounts him and if Luka does not Struggle, it leads to a KO. With Sylph, Struggle, and Death Sword Chaos Star, Scorpion Girl should not be too much of a hassle.

If Luka succumbs, she will reveal the true nature of her tail before pinning Luka and sucking his penis dry. In the end, she extracts all his semen, resulting his death and becomes a dried corpse left in the desert.




Sylph is very important in this battle overall as she can help avoid both Fingers of Ecstasy which will lead to trance problems and Lead Into Heaven which will just end Luka’s game via Heavenly Kamasutra. With not much in the way of SP and the relatively high HP of the Lamp Genie, it's better to fight the battle on an attrition basis, using simple attacks to deal damage and saving SP for getting Sylph back into effect if she deactivates. With the wind summon on Luka’s side the battle is prolonged but easy to take care of.

Her battle is not required although it is needed to complete the Monsterpedia.

Once Luka gives into temptation and loses all his HP, Lamp Genie will mount him, if not already on top of him, and proceed with vaginal sex cowgirl style before covering him in her smoke. Revealing her form underneath the smoke as a snake, she swallows him whole before digesting him.




Sara is not particularly useful, dealing miniscule damage. However, Mummy Girl directs all her attacks on Luka, leaving no need to defend Sara.

Because she uses her bandages to attack, Sylph can easily tear away most of Mummy Girl's attacks. After that, bum rush her with Death Sword Chaos Star. The main issue with this monster is her bind; if she can use Mummy Package, it'll lead to a one hit KO.

The Achievement "Sara Defeated a Monster" can be obtained if Sara deals the finishing blow to Mummy Girl.

If Luka loses, she’ll bind them both and milk Luka dry as she forces Sara to watch. Sara's fate is unknown, although Mummy Girl mentions that she will drain Sara too.




Like the previous battle, Sara is of little-to-no help. Cobra Girl's main gimmick is her Cobra Bite which causes Paralysis and Cobra Roll which causes binds. Sylph can help you avoid Cobra Anal, which is useful. After summoning Sylph, use Death Sword Chaos Star to bring her down.

The Achievement "Sara Defeated a Monster" can be obtained if Sara deals the finishing blow to Cobra Girl.

If Luka loses, he is raped until he dries up while Cobra Girl cruelly strangles Sara, tightening every time Luka ejaculates. Both end up dead.




The lamias will immediately restrain Sara before the battle, making her completely useless in this fight. Bum rush the lamias with Death Sword Chaos Star, use Meditation if necessary, and struggle when bound.

If Luka loses, they gang-rape him, taking turns; Sara watches silently, disappointed, disgusted and upset. Afterwards, Luka is kept as a sex slave for the rest of his life.





The final portion of the Dragon Seal Trial is to answer her riddles; she states that it would be impossible to overcome her in battle.

If Luka answers incorrectly, Sara falls down a trapdoor while Luka is forced to battle Sphinx.


What goes on four legs at dawn, two at noon, and three at dusk?

[Human!] – Correct. The riddle is a metaphor referring to the stages of human life. “Four legs at dawn” refers to a human infant crawling; both hands and feet are counted as four legs. “Two at noon” refers to humans in their adolescent/adulthood stage, walking on two legs. “Three at dusk” refers to old aged humans who use a cane in tandem with two legs, thus counting as three legs.

[Me!] – Correct. Luka is a human, and therefore counts as a correct answer towards the question.

[You!] – Incorrect. Sphinx is not a human.


Why am I asking you riddles?

[To understand man’s transience?] – Correct. The life of a human is frail and short, while hers is so long.

[because you like riddles?] – Incorrect.

[it’s just a bad habit?] – Correct. She finds the response amusing and interesting; she herself doesn’t even know if it’s a bad habit of hers. She has asked that question to everyone who has come before her, for hundreds of years, and nobody has ever responded with that. Although it isn’t quite the answer, she accepts it, since it could be a bad habit after hundreds of years.


Why are you taking this trial?

[i got dragged into it.] – An honest answer, yet incorrect.

[For love and peace!] – Incorrect. Love and peace don’t relate to the trial and she asks Luka to explain, which he can’t.

[Leave it to Sara.] – Correct. Luka doesn’t have the ability to answer that question as he came to the Pyramid for another reason, thus Sara is the one who should answer it. Sara answers she’s doing it to get closer to the one she loves.


Battle Overview

Even though her battle is “impossible”, her health can be lowered all the way down. One issue with this battle is her Isis’s Lovemaking which can put Luka in a trance, so Sylph is required. Another problem is her Kiss of Death, which instantly kills Luka if he does not Guard. Keep using Sylph, Meditation, and Death Sword Chaos Star until Sphinx’s health drops to 0.

However, even if Luka manages to whittle her health down, she becomes unsealed; with that, she uses her ultimate technique: Ancient Law of Ecstasy, which one shots Luka. That said, the achievement Took Sphinx’s Ancient Law of Ecstasy is rewarded.

Failing, Luka is held in the lion’s mouth of the Sphinx as its tongue stimulates him. After that, he is eaten.
If Luka is hit by Kiss of Death, he dies instantly and no rape scene occurs.





Sylph is recommended to be used to avoid getting into a bind. The bind isn't too hard to break out of and neither Full Body Energy Suck or Genital Energy Suck will lead to one-hit KO, plus both only happen on the turn after Tentacle Restraint. However, in a bind the attacks will be doubled and the draining effect will make the battle a bit longer.

Once Luka succumbs to an empty HP bar, the Suck Vore will wrap it's tentacles around him (or keep hold of him if the battle ended in a bind) sucking away at his energy and ejaculations before enveloping his whole body to finish the job.




This battle is almost the same as the Suck Vore, but her restriction attack is stronger. Summon Sylph to avoid her bind. The rest is otherwise straightforward.

If Luka loses, Worm Villager restrains him with her tentacles before using them to suck out his penis. Afterwards, he’ll get squeezed continually for the rest of his life.




The battle is more of a test of patience due to her high HP and tendency to open up and enter her Invitation to a Nightmare stance which will reverse any attack into a one-hit KO.

She lacks any form of direct attack to harm Luka but she has the ability to confuse him with Eyes of Confusion, meaning that he may inadvertently attack her while she is able to counter attack and losing the battle, babble incoherently, or attacking himself. Sylph is critical to avoid the status effect, however it is not by a 100% rate.

Should Luka attack and receive a counter attack, she will shut him inside her before whittling down his remaining HP with a non-stop barrage of Nightmare Embrace from which escape is impossible. After which, she will torture the Fake Hero with pleasure until death.




Her battle is similar to the Worm Villager, but her special attacks occur at several milestones. At about 2/3rd health, she will use Worm Hold to bind Luka, requiring Struggling or else he will submit to Drain Heaven which is a one-hit KO via follow-up. At about 1/3rd health, she will use Worm Ecstasy to put Luka under a Trance and leave him at mercy to her attacks for a bit. Sylph is obviously needed here.

Once her health reaches the 1/10th mark, a scripted battle and some dialogue will follow and Luka will defeat her.

If Luka loses, he’ll be sucked dry from one of her tentacles. This will continue until the end of his life.




At the start of the battle, the Antlion Girl immediately restricts Luka of all movement via an inescapable bind; Struggling is completely futile. Thus, this leaves him to only resort to Normal Attacks. However, if Luka fails to defeat her in four turns, she will use Fluid Squeezing which is a one-hit KO.

Once Luka reaches the center of her nest, her vagina will suck him dry until his death.




Being an incredibly large monster, Sylph is practically useless in this battle. Fortunately, despite her intimidating size, she is very slow and often dazes off, allowing Luka to score easy hits with no problem. Her only attacks are those caused by binds; she’ll use Mouth Hold on him every once in a while and violate his penis with her tongue. Instead of using futile Struggles, Attacking three times is the key to breaking free. Simply put, constantly use Death Sword Chaos Star and keep Attacking.  On Hard, Meditate to full health between binds instead.

If Luka reaches ejaculation, she holds him as she licks his penis, then forces his lower half into her mouth as her tongue continues violation. Finally, all his semen is extracted, resulting his death as his shriveled corpse drowns in the sand.




The battle generally requires Sylph to help stave off attacks made by the four mud dolls. Gnome also has restraint attacks, which require struggling. While being bound she will use her own attack after her dolls attack, adding onto the damage inflicted.

Shaving off some of her health will reduce two of the mud dolls into dust, thus overall reduces the amount of damage taken due to fewer hits. Lowering her health again will eliminate the last two mud dolls.

With all four mud dolls defeated, Gnome will use “Wrath of the Earth” to create a large tidal wave, but Sylph counters with a powerful tornado and reflects the attack back to Gnome, defeating her.

If Luka is defeated, the mud dolls form a solid casing of mud around him while another mud doll performs vaginal intercourse. He is then kept as a sex toy.



This walkthrough is based on info attained on monstergirlquest.wikia.com with some adjustments made by me.

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