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Rance 4

(Legacy of the Sect)

Alice Soft | 1993 | RPG / 18+


After the events of Rance 3, Rance and Sill find themselves on a floating island of Ylapu, where they have to deal with Helman agents and stop the awakening of an ancient super weapon from the lost times.


Route Guideline



The battles in this game are hard, you will always need alot of Seirogans with you.

Dont let the level god perform any ritual (an event may trigger randomly, you will know when you see)




Chapter 1 - Ylapu


1. Inspect the town and go to Diner.


2. After leaving the Diner, visit the other locations in the town, then return to the Diner.


3. Visit item shop. 'Talk' to Reagan several times to improve Yocchan's affection and remove 2x price rate on items. Assaulting her gives a CG, but this will double the prices. Choose 'Brute' option to steal a Seirogan. The number of times you can do this before Rance stops is random.


4. Visit church. Talk to her and she will ask Rance to find her sister Alicia.


5. Visit mysterious building, which is Cassado's Youth League Office.


6. Leave the town. Look at the surroundings to gain the ability to travel to each tower.


7. Enter the West Tower.


8. Go to the north room with a staircase leading up. Then move to the left room below. Folow the staircases until you reach a dead end. You'll fight a Happy Kyan Kyan there. Defeating it will give you 1990 exp, allowing Rance to gain 8 levels immediately. (You'll have to call Level Goddess Willis from your Camp for each seperate level) Don't worry about missing gal monster CG's; assaulting Happy Kyan Kyan gives the same CG as assaulting any Kyan Kyan. You now have the ability Rance Attack.


9. Leave the tower when you hit level 9 (by defeating Happy Kyan Kyan).


10. Go to the Diner and choose 'Sill' to get a new CG and fight the hag.


11. After beating Freoncoise, Sill will rejoin the party. Rest at the Diner to get a new CG and gain the Letter of Introduction.


12. You can go to West Tower Floor 2 and talk with Haniwa statue and ask Sill to touch it you will get 500 golds for that (just once).


13. Visit the Youth League Office. From now on, you can use the 'Brute' command in Youth League Office once a day to get 200 golds.


14. Visit the Church and move to the Secret Room.


15. Get the Bronze bell and Empty Tin Can from the SW room. Head to the NE rooms. There will be a forced battle at the end of corridor. (Treasure Lump drops Lightning Sword.)


16. After the forced battle, place the bell and the can in the adjacent rooms to unlock the east door.


17. Move right past the newly unlocked door into a room with an imprisoned girl. Talk to her, then leave.


18. Continue right into the boss room. Focus on the Okayu Fever, just ignore the magician girl. When you killed Okayu the magician girl will escape. (Even if you grind really hard or cheat and kill/assault Magician, the same events will happen.)


19. Take the Bronze Bell and Empty Can from the pedestals when you leave (you will use them later again). Return to town to H Mai.


*Note: Rance will acquire a key which can be used to free Purple. You will see her again (CG) later when you rest at Diner. (After this encounter, you can talk with Cynthia at the church to ask how to cure Purple's lewdness. You can get the cure in any random encounter later that includes an Okayu Fever and a Treasure Lump.)





Chapter 2 - Secret Passage


1. Go to the Item Shop and talk to Yocchan. Buy rubber gloves (under necessities).


2. Go back to the church and into the Secret Room (South Tower B1F).


3. Go to the bottom right room and open the door using Okayu Key.


4. Keep going south to another screen and enter the closet room toward west to complete Happy Fukuda errand from Yocchan.

*Note: Talk to Yocchan later to halve item prices and receive another errand to kill some hanny hiding in West Tower (you will need Kanami for this).


5. Go back to the first screen and enter the room in northeast corner. The teleporter leads you to Research Core.

*Note: You will encounter several X-86's here that are very weak to lightning and Scream Man that are immune to non-elemental physical attacks, so plan accordingly.

NW room is the Battle Room. Depending on what button you pushed in the room just east of it, different 6 monsters will spawn here. No rewards other than EXP for winning the battles. You probably won't be able to beat some of the stronger monsters that spawn in the Battle Room, so beware.


6. Go through west corridor. The center west room has a fenced off pit and a peephole. Check peephole for CG.


7. At the end of west corridor, in the room below center stairs, you will find a staff in a pedestal. Use rubber gloves to get it safely. Rance and Sill will lose all their EXP if they touch the staff, and Io will not touch the staff.


8. If you enter the east corridor, you will meet Moganda and enter a fight against his Mecha monsters.


9. Take the center stairs to B2F. Enter north room and meet a ghost.


10. Try go to the west, then go down the stairs.


11. In the room on the west end, examine the table to obtain Antidote Ball. Go back to the poison gases.


12. Try heading toward the 3 NW rooms and ignore the warning.


13. After battle, check the middle room out of the three. Go back to the town (use Return Bonsai) and talk to Cynthia the priestess.


13. Return and examine the chained skeleton. After events, you get Research Key.


14. Go downstairs and enter the middle door (out of 3). A forced battle occurs. Head south and examine the wooden deck and find out about a hidden passage.


15. Leave the room and check a bookcase in SW one out of 6 W rooms to find stairs leading down. Go down to B4F.


16. Go towards the SW stairs. Three gal monsters appear and try to apprehend Rance. They give 748 exp each. You should be atleast level 20 at this point. After you deal with the girls properly, go downstairs.


17. As you head north, you will meet Moganda again. Defeat his mecha goons.


18. Head east and run into Hannys.


19. Try go west then turn SE room to see Moganda and another forced battle.


20. Take north corridor and go through 3 rooms for more Moganda. Use the east door to enter his lab (west room). Win the battle.


21. Check SW room for E key.





Chapter 3 - Let´s find Rance


1. Move and look at the surroundings to find Underground Entrance. Enter it.


2. Go downstairs to B2F. Head west for a battle that stops in a few turns.


3. Check the 3 rooms N, W, and S. Then, head to NE corner of center room to talk to a magic farmer.


4. Bring him the first item from N, then W and then S.


5. Go back to Tulip #4 and rest.


6. Next day, go back to the magic farmer. Check where 2 aqueducts meet (SW of magic farmer) for another battle that stops in a few turns. Rest for the night.


7. Go to south room on B3F and examine gratings in the waterway (the magic farmer says there's something stuck there).


8. Return to the magic farmer in center room for Storehouse Key. Grab an onigiri from west room. Then, go downstairs with Storehouse Key.


9. SW room (which Rick cannot enter) has an impossible battle with Lady Killer. Party automatically retreats after some turns.


10. Go back to SW room and examine a button to open the door to NW.


11. Hand onigiri to hanny and enter NW room.


12. Step on the floor button a few times to obtain W Key.





Chapter 4 - Reuniting


1. Get a Seirogan from Item Shop if you don't have one and go to Surface Central Area through the church´s Secret Passage.

In the W room closest to the entrance, knock the door and assault Science in the fight that appears to learn how to enter the room. You can leave Julia here for a day so that she becomes actually useful in fights.


2. The 3rd one out of 4 NE teleporters is now open. Take it to arrive at Supply Core B1F.


3. Go down to B3F and pass the NW door. Give the hanny Seirogan this time to take the stairs down to B4F.


4. Check 2nd room in the middle corridor to find Kanami. Party returns to town.


5. Go back to these areas with Kanami:

  • Talk to Yocchan first if you have not yet. Go to West Tower 2F. Head toward SW room. Return to Yocchan to reduce prices.
  • Go to the room with holes (west middle) in Research Core B1F. Examine the big hole and Kanami will find a Diamond.
  • Try to enter SW room in Research Core B1F twice. You need Naginata to enter. At balcony-like area overlooking the main tower, Kanami will find Naginata. Enter the locked room with Naginata and check the closet for CG.

6. Return to Surface Central Area through the church. Head toward the NE teleporters to get into a forced battle (limited turns, no assault possible). Merim joins the party. You can now arrange your party (5 members maximum). Rest for the night.

*Note: Leave Rick at Diner and run into Bell again for CG. Ask Youth League about the incident for another CG next night.


7. Go to Surface Central Area and take Julia back. Take the 2nd NE teleporter to Defense Core.

*Note: You will likely complete Mirror Fragments A here. Do not use it straight away however  it gives 2000 gold, and you are likely to loose all gold in next step.


8. As you head south, you will run into Pervert Mouse. You will meet him again the next day and kill him, refuse the deal, or pay him all your money. Killing or paying him will result in an item with CG. Not killing him will allow you to meet him again later for another CG, so spend all your money before the next day.

*Note: In the SW room is a high level goddess. When you first talk to her she will set Rance's EXP to 0. Afterward, you can raise level cap of a character by 15 by offering her Diamond, Ruby, or Emerald. Unfortunately, no CG involving her exists if you were wondering.

Refer to Allies page for character level caps. Without heavy grinding you can expect your characters to enter early 50ties by the end of the game. I recommend using first stone on Kanami - useful all game long, AoE scales (weakly admittedly) with level, and most other characters will either suck anyway (Merim, Julia) or are unlikely to hit level cap.


9. Go down the center stairs to B2F. You will notice that there are two parallel corridors each with 3 doors in southeast. In the south room, there are 3 switches corresponding to the 3 door pairs. Leftmost one is reversed. You can use the switches to toggle which door of a door pair is locked.

Love Key obtained here may be used to access locked rooms in Supply Core 3BF.


10. Go northeast and put the 2 objects in their place, then go downstairs


11. Try to head west to find Bitch's group. Forced battles with limited turns. Stuff happens, and the party returns to town.


12. Return to NW section of Defense Core B2F, which is now accessible. (Bitch's group are still obstructing B3F.)


13. As you try to reach the NW stairs, you will get into a forced battle with Octomen. Continue through the corridor and reach a room with a large 'lake.' Pee in the lake to get some reaction from the Octomen. After several consecutive battles, you can now walk across the water and reach the NW stairs.


14. Check NW rooms for Puryo Slayer and West Tower Key.


15. You cannot enter B4F as it is currently too cold there. Head to West Tower.


16. Go to the West Tower 5F. Take the SE stairs. Climb the tower to 7F. Then, take the center stairs to return to 5F. Open the treasure chest.


17. Return to Defense Core B4F. Keep going down until you reach B6F. You will run into the gal monster trio again on this floor. Check the only room on this floor to find a sick dragon. Return to Surface Central Area


18. With Merim in party, enter the main tower through the north door. Take either of the two staircases to Surface Power Area.


19. Go down west stairs and run into a Bebetar. Choose 10 to fight 10 Bebetars and win Bebetar Costume. Keep going downstairs and you will be stopped by a female Tousho. Head back to Surface Power Area.


20. Take the center south stairs to Surface Control Area. Use teleporter to arrive at Buoyancy Staff 1F.

*Note: By leaving this area through south exit, you can enter Buoyancy Staff (Big Tower) through meadows outside Cassado.


21. Go to SW room (you will fight in every room, have some Seirogans with you), NE room, SE room (very hard battle, it will take you a few resets, use other characters as meat shield and do not go anywhere near the hannys with Rance. Rick can take a hit from the Hannys. Have some Seirogans with you), NW room, in that order. Then finally, you will fight her on west corridor of F2. Third battle drops Cake. Fourth and fifth drop Strength Sprays. Assaulting Ralga also gives a CG.


22. On 2F, try to go through the center corridor. You can receive Dragon's Cold Medicine from Shizuka. You cannot convince her to join yet, however.


23. Return to the dragon at the bottom of the Defense Core for S Key.


Saving Maria and Leila



This is not required to complete Chapter 4, but you can do this at any time after obtaining Puryo Slayer.


1. Buy a Seirogan 1 and go back at Supply Core B4F, equip Puryo Slayer on Rance and deal with the Giant Puryos in both the north room for Maria and SE room for Leila.


2. When you return to town, you will hear about Maria's rampage. Enter the tower in town (South Tower).

*Note: You can loot bottom floor first. South Tower Key for opening door between tower area and surroundings does not exist anywhere in the game.

There is a passable wall on 2F.


3. Keep going up to reach 3F. Head inward to find Maria.

*Note: You can also upgrade Maria's weapon (+100 damage to Shoot command) in a small side-quest:

  • Call Maria in Diner at night.
  • Get Hirara Alloy from south room of Supply Core B3F.
  • Get Heated Glass from shelves in the east room of Research Core B3F.
  • Talk to Maria again at night.



Athena 2.0


Once Maria opens South Tower, you can also get an optional character here. You can do this at any time until point of no return in Chapter 6.


1. Keep going up the South Tower. Follow this route to avoid hidden traps in 5F that will drop you to 4F.



2. The stairs to 7F is surrounded by 4 rooms with buttons that turn some circle with red dot. The door to stairs will open when you align all red dots to point toward the stairs.


3. Head into the sole room on this floor and listen to what Frostvine has to say.


4. Call Feliss and Willis to obtain the ingredients.


5. Talk to Frostvine again and Athena 2.0 will join Rance!


6. Call Athena 2.0 at night to discover that she has a devastating defect. Go back to Frostvine and get her fixed.


7. Call Athena 2.0 another night to discover even more devastating defect. Go back to Frostvine and get her fixed.


8. Come back later and talk to Tama for CG.





  Chapter 5 - Toushin  





Yocchan sells Iron Hanny Key under Bargains now. Buy it and go to Surface Central Area's south screen.

Check SW room and talk to the kid to accept a challenge.

You need to assault all of Mountainfoods and Seafoods in SE room.

This challenge is actually difficult, as both of the Gal Monster types have very low max HP divisible by 10. Most attacks will just kill them (even Merim's attack as they are weak to most elements). To make things worse, they have a chance of doing critical attacks that hit really hard (OHKO on most characters). You will need to use Light Attacks and light/dark elemental weapon attacks from mages. Kanami and Rick tank well here. It may be worth waiting until you have Shizuka to do this, but it is perfectly doable with Rance attacks alone (past 10 HP Light Attack deals 5 and than 1 damage).

For all your troubles, the kid gives you PTTP Drug that you can use on Sill at night.†


Whenever Kanami if available, but out of your party, you may encounter her when entering the town. Follow Kanami for CGs. Call her that night for another CG. This event can no longer be obtained in Chapter 6.





1. (Must have saved Leila) Go down to Holy Casket. The Tousho guarding the stairs is no longer here. Keep going down and head to the long corridor in Underground Power Area for an event.


2. Take east or west stairs down to Underground Central Area.

*Note: If you let the Pervert Mouse live earlier, you will see him again in NE room on this floor.

Maria and Athena 2 are required to open SW rooms.


3. Head toward the west teleporters, beat 3 big monsters on that are on the way. Take the top-left teleporter to Tousho Core.


4. Go to B2F. In the second NW room, meet Chao and get the code for the left elevator. After you head out of the room, you will meet Atlanta. Kanami and Leila will be gone regardless of where they are.


5. Check the other NW room to find Kanami Mirror 2.

*Note: Use Feliss in the middle south room to obtain Ruby for High Level Goddess.


6. (Must have saved Maria) Past weird green glob in SW room is Kanami Mirror 1.


7. Check the 11th out of 12 rooms in east section to find Leila Mirror 1.


8. Use the elevator to B3F. The bottom-right room in east section has Kanami Mirror


9. Use the elevator to B4F. South room has Leila Mirror 2.


10. Check top room in east section to find a Hanny shop. Buy Ballcat Charm from it.


11. Return to B3F. You can now safely pass ballcat in SW room. Get Kanami Mirror 3 at the end of corridor.


12. Take elevator to B5F. West room has Leila Mirror 3. Also, make sure to get Fake Mage's Clothes in NW room.


13. Remove non-mages from your party (Maria counts as mage) and equip Rance with Fake Mage´s Clothes


14. Revisit the barrier that only allowed mages in Buoyancy Staff 2F. You can now pass the barrier. Check the room you see right after passing the barrier to turn off the barrier.


15. You can now go back to town and invite all party members except Rick.


16. On next floor there is a room that has no knob - step into all the small rooms in order: Blue (4), Red(1), Purple(3), Green(6), Light Blue(5), Yellow(2) - has Emerald for High Level Goddess.


17. On the next floor head toward the north room (2 forced encounters on way).


18. With Shizuka, go back to Tousho Core B5F where a barrier blocked the way south. The barrier breaks.


19. Check the room west of barrier to find Leila Mirror 4.

*Note: Drug at the end of long corridor unlocks a new CG with Leila, when you call her at night.


20. Take elevator to B2F and go talk to Chao again. You receive password for the 2nd elevator.


21. Take the right elevator to a separate inner area on B5F. Follow the corridor to southeast room.


22. Step on top "button" 3 times to open the door.


23. In the next room, examine the girl twice to open the door.


24. Examine Atlanta for a fight (assault doesn't give any CG so don't bother). Return to Chao on B2F. You can now access B6F through right elevator


25. Go to B6F and head toward the east room.







Chapter 6 - Showdown


1. As soon as the chapter starts, there will be three forced battles with every character you have used so far (all characters heal in between).

*Note: Merim will join your party and you cannot organize it anymore.


2. Head to Underground Control Area. There will be many forced battles.

*Note: Some forced battles can be skipped (i donn´t recommend it though, they give decent exp) by taking the Big Tower route rather than the church's secret room.

You can meet the gal monsters trio for the last time in NW room.


3. Enter the control room for a forced battle. Defeat the two Hitlers on the sides and wait few turns to end the battle. Party retreats for now.


4. Go to Research Core B1Fto the middle west room for a battle. They will join your party (you can use commands for them in that battle).


5. Check all 8 magic column rooms (on Surface/Underground Power Areas). Win the battles in each room.


6. After clearing all 8 magic columnns, go to Surface Power Area and check SE room. Then, return to town.


7. Head back to control room in Underground Control Area. Point of no return!


8. After Upsilon heals itself, Rance can "cheat" to end the battle early by summoning Feliss. Party returns to town, but something happens...


9. A series of battles will take place (you cannot save inbetween):

  • Hubert and Freak vs. Dio: Let each one take few hits. The fight will be cut off.
  • Rick, Kanami, Leila, Julia vs. mobs: Survive a few turns. Keep Kanami as the main tank here. Do not let Rick die (you will get a game over)
  • Rance and company vs. Upsilon: Maintain the position displayed in the picture below. Only attack with Rance and Rick when Rance Attack and By-La-Way are ready to use, then back of. Keep attacking with Maria and Athena 2.0. Reduce Upsilons HP to 4500 2 times, an event will trigger. Win the battle.



10. Go to Tousho Core B5F via the first elevator and check all the landing crafts.




This walkthrough is based on info attained on alicesoft.wikia.com with some adjustments made by me.

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