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Weird Textractor bug: If an extracted string following the last one equals the prior one it won't show up in the extractor window as a new extracted string


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I need to extract the character names and the dialogue separately. So in a second run I extract JUST the character names. However it omits repeated character names. If character A says something and he says again something, right after, his character name doesn't show up as a new extracted line in the extractor window.

It looks like this:


It's not an extension causing it and I didn't set "filter repetition" in the settings. Could it be that Textractor by nature only adds a new extracted line to the log if it's different from the last line? I didn't notice that behaviour with actual dialogue but then again dialogue that repeats itself exactly is extremely rare to begin with, unlike names, like in this case here. It could of course also be the character names not refreshing as a new string when the character says something again right after. I don't know. Any idea? Any idea how to fix that?

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