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Looking for people to be a part of Kingsley TV


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I run my own YouTube channel using my animaze avatar and I’m looking for someone else to do this with me with their own Animaze avatar, you don’t have to be on my YouTube show all the time only when your able to so that’s totally up to you.


I have a load of big plans in mind in where to take this, I don’t mind doing this on my own but I thought it would be more fun for viewers if there’s more than one Animaze avatar.


If you’re interested please can you drop me an email, I don’t want to post any other links as this isn’t spam and I know some forums don’t like people posting links.


[email protected]





✩ Comedy 


✩ Paranormal


✩ Ufology


✩ Mysteries


✩ Missing people 


✩ Bigfoot 


✩ Unsolved cases 


✩ Your YouTube channel 


✩ The Wild West 


✩ And more 


Your welcome to choose one of the above topics that we can talk about on the Kingsley TV live stream or your welcome to talk about a topic of your choosing.


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