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Maji de Watashi ni Koishinasai! A5 || Majikoi A5


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Maji de Watashi ni Koishinasai! A5 || Majikoi A5

Maji Translations (English Patch Download)


Majikoi Fandisk. Published in 5 different releases, Majikoi A-1 to A-5.
Each release features about 3 stories.

A-5 contains:  Margit, Yoshitsune, Takae

Ending Guideline / Suggested Route-Ending Order

Maji de Watashi ni Koishinasai A-5 has 3 routes for 3 different heroines (Margit, Yoshitsune, Takae) with 1 or 2 bad endings in each, as well as various CG variations or choice dependent scenes. After finishing the routes and CG recovery you should have all CGs. The bad endings don’t seem to be yielding any new CGs but it can be fun to view them at least once for completeness sake. It is advised to save before making any choice.

Route-Ending Guideline




Bride Ending

  • 1) Any Choice (Save Point for Alter CG)
  • 2) Any Choice
  • 3) Wanted One
  • 4) Buy It
  • 5) Coming
  • 6) Push her into doing it
  • 7) Refused Cosima's advances (Save Point)
  • 8} Chris

Harem ending


Load Save File (Choice 7)

  • 1) Made love to Cosima
  • 2) Chris
  • 3) Any Choice (Save Point for Alter CG)





Yoshitsune Route

  • 1) All right
  • 2) Any Choice
  • 3) Any Choice (Doing the catch gives you an interaction with Sheila)
  • 4) You could wash my back in the bath (Gives a funny moment later) (Normal Save Point)
  • 5) Stick with Onii-chan (Canon event but you can come back to make your own choice) (Normal Save Point)
  • 6) Laugh (Be nice with Lee)
  • 7) I checked in on Miyako (It's not a trap ¡I swear!)
  • 8} 10+ Meters
  • 9) Yoshitsune (Only your Imouto will give you CG, but for have a better experience in other side routes, it will be necessary to come back here) (Normal Save Point)
  • 10) Stuffed Bird (Same as previous option but without CG for any choice)
  • 11) Want to test that theory? (A gentleman's clubby suggestion.) (Free CG without consequences)
  • 12) Yoshitsune (Required Save Point)

At this point you could get the bad ending if you choose any other option than the ones suggested.

  • 13) Mon-sama
  • 14) Chika
  • 15) Benkei
  • 16) Chris
  • 17) With Sincerity

Different questions may appear depending on your choices, but following the guide it should be the next one:

  • Easter Island, famous for the Moai statues, belongs to what country? (Save Point if the question is different to get the best result)
  • 18) Chili
  • 19) Wanko
  • 20) Yukie
  • 21) Aoi Touma, with a surprise
  • 22) Win over sophomore swing voters
  • 23) Archery club

You did it! Welcome to the final stretch

  • 24) Any Choice (Save Point for Alter CG)
  • 25) I'm, like, totally having a blast
  • 26) Wanted Yoshitsune Alone (Required Save Point)

Benkei Plus


Normal Mode

Load File (Choice 26)

  • 1) Accepted Yoshitsune's proposal
  • 2) Any choice (Yuri one better)

Story Mode (It is not necessary, but it provides a better experience)

Load File (Choice 9)

  • 1) Benkei
  • 2) Chocolate
  • 3) Want to test that theory? (A gentleman's clubby suggestion.)
  • 4) Yoshitsune (Mandatory)

Follow Yoshitune's guide until point 17 since, as indicated before, different options change the trivia

Possible questions

  • What is the capital of Afghanistan?
  • 5) Kabul
  • The trade that Taira Kiyomori enganged in with China is known by what name?
  • 5) Japan Song Trade
  • What animal did the Pied Piper exterminate in Hamelin?
  • 5) Rats

Continue Yoshitsune's guide to point 25

  • 6) Accepted Yoshitsune's proposal
  • 7) Any choice (Yuri one better)


Aki Route



Normal Mode

Load File (Choice 12)

  • 1) Mogami-san
  • 2) Student Council President
  • 3) Chris

Story Mode (It is not necessary, but it provides a better experience)

Load File (Choice 9)

  • 1) Mogami-san
  • 2) Kokeshi doll
  • 3) Want to test that theory? (A gentleman's clubby suggestion.)
  • 4) Mogami-san
  • 5) Student Council President
  • 6) Chris




  • 1) With small talk
  • 2) Any choice
  • 3) Tachibana-onee-san (Required Save Point)
  • 4) Pictured Takae-san (Miyako end in any other case)
  • 5) The neighborhood park

Sheila Route

Load File (Choice 3)

  • 1) Sheila onee-san
  • 2) I wanted to be with Sheila-san

This walkthrough is based on my own gameplay, so other bad endings or additional scenes were not taken into account, but any input would be greatly appreciated.

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