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Akaya Akashiya Ayakashino Translation Project (https://vndb.org/v5841)


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I'm not sure how much traction this will get, but here goes: AkaAka (for short) is a VN which currently has a translation for the PC version, but not the PSP version with 1.5x the content and is fully voiced. I've been trying to translate the game all by myself, and I've gotten through half the game, but doing it myself is honestly quite tiring and I could use some help.

It's not like my requirements are strict at all, hell, you don't even need to know JP (though that would be absolutely preferred). If you can just read through my TL after I finish some of it and point out errors/typos/if you know JP, how to better say something, that would be a huge help.
AkaAka is a really interesting VN, and I want this TL of it to be the best it can. Please comment or DM if you are interested.

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