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Game Jam team looking for Ren'Py programmer [CLOSED]


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Hiya! We're a group of creatives developing a vn for this year's Otome Jam!. The plot involves a dog cafe and a MC who can converse with the dogs + cute regulars looking to adopt. 

If you’d be interested in helping (it’s still in VERY early development stages), please give me a DM! I may not have a ton of experience in game development but I have 2-4 hours a day to work on this project, and I really think dog-loving otome players would enjoy it ^^

I’ve worked as a co-writer/character designer for the upcoming BLVN Scales of Fate. I also have dog sprites and dog cafe BG sources available. 

Which volunteers are needed: 

Sprite/CG artist

UI/GUI/Logo artist

Ren’Py Programmer

Audio/SFX Designer


Female VAs

Male VAs

I appreciate any help, especially from more experienced game jammers. I’m available between 9:00 AM and 2:30 PM CST. 

Discord: [REDACTED]

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