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Forbidden Fruit is getting an update soon!


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Hello everyone! 

We did a lot of work this month. So now I can tell you a little bit more about the new update. 

This post will be about news and before few days to release I will make posts about 100% of the content in the new episode, but right now I can tell you what most likely will be in the new episode. 

Now I found the new artist for backgrounds, so you will see a new rework of the Kujins tribe, also 3 new backgrounds for the combat system. 

We changed the combat system to make it more easier and interesting. In the first update, it will be part of the story but in the future, it will be optional. 

Also, I found a compositor and we start to add our songs to locations. The first track will be for the Kujins tribe too. 

What will you see in the next update:

Combat system : 

- Background for dialogues
- Background for fights
- Background for rooms
- Few types of monsters and one MonsterGirl (Boss)

New storyline: 

- Around 20k words of the new storyline
- 4 New scenes!
- 4 Additional Old scenes!
- 3 Additional variants to old scenes from patrons! 


- New art for Kujins tribe!
- New song for Kujins tribe!
- Rework of few old Characters!
-  Rework a lot of small things in the game  ( read previous posts)!

Most likely all of this you will see in the next update. Like I said, before few days I will make a review of the new episode.

We wanted to finish the episode by the 5th of august, but because the writer added some scenes to the main plot the number of scenes increased from 6 to 11!  And because of it maybe we will upload the new episode not on the 5th but maybe 10th of august, but for you, I think it's not so bad, because you will have 5 more scenes, but for me, it's total shit because I need to make fucking a lot of animations in 2 weeks.
But if everything will be fine, we will upload the new episode earlier.

We had the biggest episode in February, but I think this episode will be almost the same size by content because we have more people in the project now. That's all because we have more supporters.

We want to say thanks to new patrons who joined and support us this month.

You can check our Patreon for more information: https://www.patreon.com/Magic_fingers

Also our Twitter has lots of cool stuff to offer: https://twitter.com/MagicFingersOff


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