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Html Tool to create VN scenes

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Hi everyone. I created a simple tool for someone, he just wanted to take take some artist CG-Set (not game CG) and turn it into a VN-like playable scene by adding voice files from some eroge and the fitting textlines. As long as the spoken lines somehow fit the contents of CG-Set it wouldn't be much of a problem that they originaly belonged to different CGs.
Not to publish it as a visual novel, just as some user created content.

The tool is just a html and javascript based template. You can place your source files in the folders and write the script that controls the order of events. Nothing to install or complile. To play, just open it in your browser.

Anyone of you would be interested in that tool?

I know that there is already some Visual Novel Creator software out there, but maybe it's helpful for someone who wants a more basic option.
If thats not the case, thats ok too.

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