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Guest Cybersteel

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Guest Cybersteel

Before posting any technical problems in this section, please check any of these bulletpoints:

If yes to all of then there might be something might be wrong with your PC in which case you may try to....

- Download and install CCleaner

- Reboot

- Run windows update

- download EVERY update, except for the bing bar. (even optionals)

- Reboot

- Run windows update (yes, again)

- Open the disk defragmenter

- defragment all of your disks (skip if you have solidstatedrives)

- Check for anti-viral software

- If you have more than one, pick one and remove the other

- if you do not have virus protection get Avast and run it and scan for viruses

- In the start menu type "cmd"

- Run cmd as administrator by right clicking and selecting the option

- in the cmd window, type "sfc /scannow

- if it has an error reboot

- if it does not, close it

- Wait untill cmd and defrag finishes.

- Reboot


- Open CCleaner

- Click the "registry" tab

- scan for issues

- fix selected

- ignore any warnings, say no to saving in a text file, and fix all

- Click the "cleaner" tab

- Run cleaner, ignore any warnings


- Open "my computer"

- Right click your primary drive and select properties

- in "tools" run chkdsk with all the options selected

- it will ask to schedule a disk check, say yes.

- the next time you reboot it will perform the chkdsk operations.

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