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Anyone use dollar scan before?

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So yeah, as the title says, has anyone used 1dollarscan.com before? I know it's a branch off the Japanese company. Has anyone used them before? - http://1dollarscan.com/membership.php

Looking at their membership page for $15 I can get 10 sets (or 1000 pages) + all their "options". So that would fit in with my 4 or so novels I tend to buy a month. I have(read: know someone who let's is nice enough to let me use) their Amazon Prime so I can just ship them to them at no extra price. In return I'd get ebooks. Now I am a fan of being able to read books in paper form... but the problem is I spend most of my time during the week at work and for so reason reading a book at work = oh you need more work to do, but just sitting there on your phone or computer doesn't get you shit... so I might as well scan them. It'd also be nice to just be able to switch over to the next one. I'd of course just buy digital versions of the books I want... but they don't exist. 

So yep... that's about it, thought I'd reach out and see if anyone has used them before... I also know I should of maybe gone with another community that isn't centered around Visual Novels... yeah... maybe that'd be a good idea :makina:

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