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Random Board Game concept

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It's nothing serious, it's just a concept i came up with after watching some tragedy looper reviews and wanted to write here to immortalize it, no matter how stupid it may look. It's about Umineko, and it's pretty fanfic-ish but i thought about it for a few hours and wanted to organize it in text to see what people think. (INVOLVES HUGE SPOILERS, so be warned.)

Plot: Some woman comes up to Featherine in the meta-world calling herself a "drama sibiling", and says she came up with a loophole for the story. It is as follows: "Eva's diary contains the truth, but it may only say that the Ushiromiyas died, without fully saying the details. Maria's jaw found in investigations might be a fake done by someone powerful enough. Ange came up to terms with herself upon finding out that they are indeed dead, but revived them in name only keeping their good memories in her personal golden land." Featherine could've easily destroyed that loophole with a red truth, but let it slide to see what happens. Thus, the "drama sibilings" invade the golden land, starting a battle where the gamemaster team with the most convincing theory takes control of Ange's golden land.

The game would have three teams: Rokkenjima Lovers (Beato & Battler), Braintwisting Witches (Lambda & Bern) and Loophole Experts (Drama Sibilings). The goal is to make a seemingly unsolvable tale about the death of the Ushiromiyas using illusions. The gamemaster team wins when the protagonist fails to solve the mystery (who, how and why). The identity of the gamemaster team is hidden at the start at the games so that the protagonist can figure it out through method identification. The protagonist can have the support of any character as the role of Watson, however that support can be deceiving depending of it's role in the scenario.

Rules that apply to all gamemasters: Rokkenjima must blow up and Yasu/Beatrice the 3rd is secretly the Ushiromiya head and the default culprit waiting for someone to solve the epitaph. CLUES MUST BE PRESENTED, but they can come up in the form of foreshadowing (being a clue for the protagonist). The detective can't be the culprit and there is only one.

Rules that apply for Rokkenjima Lovers: There can be simple serial murders (Beato's influence, things go up as Yasu plans) and happiness gone wrong cases (Battler's Influence, Yasu fails but unforseen circunstances lead to the murders). Battler is the detective and there are only the default 16 people on the island. Everyone but Battler is a optional accomplice or possible culprit, Knox's rules MUST be followed but Van Dine's rules CAN be followed, however THERE MUST BE ONE TRUE CULPRIT.

Rules that apply for Braintwisting Witches: There can be almost simple serial murders (Bern's influence, things go exactly as the culprit plans, but it doesn't have to be Yasu) and complex serial murders (Lambda's influence, multiple accomplices and people faking their deaths only to be killed later). Erika can be used and either her or Battler can be the detective. Maximum number of 17 people on the island. Everyone but the detective is a optional accomplice or possible culprit, Knox's rules MUST be followed but Van Dine's rules CAN be followed, however THERE MUST BE ONE TRUE CULPRIT.

Before giving the rules, here's the backstory to the Drama Sibilings: Both came from the Western continents, the Male Drama Sibiling (MDS) is a ultraconservative that wishes to use the Ushiromiyas to gain political power in Japan. For that purpose, most of the Ushiromiyas must die only in name (the world thinks they're dead) or mind (memory loss) and Eva must survive in every way to be MDS' representative in the japanese business world. The Female Drama Sibiling (FDS) wants to keep the MDS from gaining political power because of his murderous hatred of communists and sickening loyalty to his old country. For that purpose, she wants to stop his plan of controlling the Ushiromiyas and to make the world believe that he's a murderer. In the meta-world, MDS wants to turn Ange's story into purely drama by not having corpes in the "Rokkenjima Massacre" so that only he can have jurisdiction over her future as a proof of his ownership over the Ushiromiyas while FDS wants the protagonist to believe MDS murdered everyone to make her lie more powerful.

Setup game of the Drama Sibilings: MDS hooked up with Rosa a month before the family conference and pretended to be FDS to have a possible contract meeting with Krauss during the family conference. Yasu's riddle MUST be solved before midnight of the first night to keep corpses from showing up.

Rules that apply for Loophole Experts: DEATHS CAN ONLY HAPPEN IN NAME OR MIND. APART FROM THE COMMON ONES, MYSTERY RULES DO NOT APPLY. Yasu (and indirectly her servants) and Rosa (and indirectly Maria) are the only optional accomplices. Yasu can only be a accomplice if her epitaph is solved by the culprit. MDS (disguised as FDS) can be used, but only Battler can be the detective. Only MDS can be the true culprit, otherwise there is no culprit and every incident is accidental. Maximum number of 17 people on the island. If Ange is a support, she'll instantly take MDS' side because she'd like a future where her family is alive, requiring certain actions from Battler to make her satisfied with her family only being alive in the golden land.

Holy shit, this looks more complicated than i thought. It must be entertaining as a fanfic at least.

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