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  1. Amazing, I'm dying to read this Eroge! I loved the first X Change Alternative even though people said it's bad.

    But I heard this Eroge doesn't work on Windows 7, is there any possibility a patch would be attached to the translation? (If it's not too much to ask....)

    We will try to see what we can do. Oh and if you know any translators who wants to join us please contact them

  2. Hi

    Though I've just joined here I'd be glad to help if I can.

    I've replied to your pm Kazameltis but figured I'd say something here too.

    Am I going to need a copy of the game or will someone provide the scripts?

    Thanks and I look forward to working with you guys

    Thank you for joining us. And don't worry we have the scripts online so just come by the IRC channel when you can :)

  3. Well making anime isn't just about drawing, there is also coloring and effects and they're important too if you want to make some quality anime.

    I want you guys to download this program and try practicing with it


    All the links are in the description and and they lead to a mediafire link.

    According to what i read about this program Retas has been used to make most of the anime we enjoy today. Well the list is long so i won't go into detail



    There are some online tutorials on youtube so try to tinker with them. I'm still practicing on using stylos. Also please remember to have fun :)/>

  4. Well SmithMicro has some good programs for that.

    Anime Studio http://anime.smithmicro.com/index.html

    And Manga Studio http://manga.smithmicro.com/index.html?__utma=95568716.1897185272.1373003032.1373771841.1374016787.10&__utmb=95568716.4.10.1374016787&__utmc=95568716&__utmx=-&__utmz=95568716.1373771841.9.6.utmcsr=google|utmccn=%28organic%29|utmcmd=organic|utmctr=%28not%20provided%29&__utmv=-&__utmk=4658299

    Well there is a program used for anime called Retas

    but unfortunately it's only available in korea, china, and of course japan. The USA used to have it, but now it's been discontinued and there are no plans to put it out as export. And even if you did find it it's not compatible with Windows 7. Also if you get it abroad from Japan you'd only get the japanese version, so too bad :(

    Well hopefully you guys out there have some good advice on this kinds of things. This is the work of someone on youtube. It's not official but I have to admit I love the animation. :D

  5. Hello guys. I'm starting this forum for those aspiring to be animators and manga artists. I'm also aiming for that goal, but still practicing my art. Hopefully I will reach the goal.

    Here we can discuss on how to better ourselves as animators and manga artist.

    So discuss anything you want related on how to better make animations and what kind of programs out there we can use making anime. Even techniques on coloring, movement and many more :)/>

  6. So I decided to look at Fuwanovel forums after a long time of not doing that. And it sure has come a long way, I remember the first time I looked at the forum there were barely any posts, I think Aaeru just created it at that point.

    Anyway, my online name is Canas and all my hobbies are East Asian entertainment related except for my love of books (fantasy/science fiction novels and interesting nonfiction books). Which are usually American or European in origin. I love anime, asian dramas (specifically Korean and Chinese), visual novels of course, video games and books. :)/> I'm also Chinese American

    I was once staff on Amaterasu and I still hang out in their staff channel and still talk to, for the most part, two members frequently. I worked on a Profile and Rewrite.

    I also have a Bachelor's of Science degree in Biology and I am going back to school to try to get into an accelerated BSN program and become a nurse. After I hopefully do that, I plan to work like two years at a hospital and then go back to get my doctorate in nursing so I can become a nurse practitioner. I want to specialize in family practice.

    Wow that's very interesting and quite a coincidence. I'm also trying to learn being a nurse as well. More like i graduated and and trying to take the NCLEX exam.

    Good luck on your nursing studies.

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