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  1. Sorry for the late reply , im still having the same problem after doing the instructions in the 3rd problem. @awkwardusername patch? i did not apply any i just downloaded the game here and started playing it and also the crashing started at the very beginning where it shows takumis room after the scene where he remembers what the title of the essay (i dont know if its an essay or something related to writing) whose eyes are those ...
  2. No same problem like im having right now but i will try that 3rd one just in case it works. i will update you guys later if it still crashes maybe tommorow or so ... anyways thanks for the replies !
  3. yes i already set my locale to japan as i stated at the beginning. i already played 1 vn (steins;gate) and i didnt have any difficulties playing it.
  4. Im so sorry i didnt saw that last part clearly ... i was so busy making a term paper while trying to figure out how to fix this ... So ... heres my operating system : windows 7 ultimate 32 bit and about that .exe thingy theres only 1 game launcher in the folder so thats the only 1 that i run. @archaic: i dont know about installing but if youre talking about the place where i placed my chaos head folder it was in my downloads and i tried playing it but suddenly the game crashed so i tried to find something useful to solve this and found that translationinfo notepad so i got an idea to place that folder on some different location so i placed it in my desktop (same result) and finally in my program files (same result). if you need more additional info just post it again.
  5. The game crashes when the scene in the beginning where it shows takumis room is shown. Can someone please help me fix this? Thanks in Advance :)/> PS: i already tried setting my locale to japan , already tried deleting it and redownloading again, and already tried running it as an administrator.
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