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    : Platforms: Windows Genre: Slice of Life, Supernatural, School-Life, Dark Themes Adult Content: Ages 18+ Release Types: Official Translation Relationship Options: None Original Languages: English Estimated Total Length: <10 Hours Developer: Dezimaton, Mikrey VNDB: N/A Download: Tumblr Game Summary: 3PM is a standalone visual novel that follows the heartfelt adventures of Masi, Esper, and Lusa living their lives as students. Despite the ups and downs of life, whether they stand together or fall into ruin lies in your hands. There are 5 unique endings, so consider your choices carefully. 3PM is a derivative work featuring school-setting alternate universe versions of 2nd Job Add classes from the online game Elsword: Mastermind, Diabolic Esper, and Lunatic Psyker. The main story also takes inspiration from the anime Puella Magi Madoka Magica