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  1. Well, thanks everyone for the suggestions, but I was sorta, you know, looking for something more on the lines of "Pure Yuri", any suggestions?
  2. Playing it now, but thanks for the recommendation. Thanks for the list, I'll get started immediately > Thanks
  3. You've got a point there... IDK what to do then, play them again, then again, until I play them, well, again?
  4. Uuu, when I said that they went by so quickly, I mean that I played all of them and am waiting for Maidens of Micheal's translations :/
  5. I just recently learned of the game "Sono Hanabira ni Kuchizuke Wo", and INSTANTLY fell in love with the H-Scenes and whatnots, but it ended too quickly. I am looking for a longer visual novel, one that doesn't end after 2 hours like Sugar's Delights, one that has it's scenes where it's just climax after climax, but romantic as well. Any games as perfect as I described? If so, please tell me!
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