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  1. I started trying to install Comyu a few days ago. I originally grabbed the download directly off the Fuwanovel page, but when it was done the game refused to boot up. Whenever I attempted, I would be greeted with this error message: 僼儘乕忣曬(flow.ks)撉傒崬傒幐攕両 284:僔僫儕僆僼傽僀儖偑傒偮偐傝傑偣傫:C001_003 偍偲偓榖偺栭_0530 I checked everywhere I could find, from support threads here to the support section of the translation team's forums, but I couldn't find anybody that had my exact problem. I attempted multiple fixes that worked for other people for other issues, including downloading a new .exe and applying a fix for Windows 8 (Even though I'm running Windows 7 64 bit), but nothing worked. I've gotten the same error message consistently. After being unable to get this version working I managed to find an ISO after a couple hours of searching, and ran that as well. Unfortunately I still get the same error message. I also made sure that i was in Jap locale for the download, extraction and running of the game, but there was no change. I feel it's also worth noting that I get this error regardless of what locale I'm in. I tried English, Japanese and Chinese, just to test it. I've also tried running on multiple different compatibility settings. I've allowed the .exe as an exception through my anti-virus, and my firewall is off. I really didn't want to make a new account just for this, but I'm really at my wits' end. Any help would be appreciated.
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