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  1. RT @mccanner: In the Veronica Mars movie Piz worked for This American Life. That means there's an alternate universe where Veronica solveā€¦

  2. As long as Manziel is their starter, the Browns won't win another game this year. #nfl #Browns

  3. RT @EasterbrookG: NFL catch 2 weeks ago nearly indentical to Odell Beckham -- scan for "Brent Grimes" http://t.co/RuAizJQFb9

  4. RT @birbigs: Florida is that friend you make fun of and then you're like "can I swim in your pool?"

  5. RT @fozzness: @ArvisJaggamar haha i know right?! I totally want friends who are complete carbon copies of myself ;P

  6. The Big 4 since the US Open... Novak: 10-1, 1 title. Roger: 12-0, 2 titles (+ 2 Davis Cup wins). Andy: 20-2, 3 titles. Not dead yet!

  7. RT @fozzness: I'm not a feminist.. I'm an equalist. x

  8. Battle Rankings. His screeches are painfully female. Yes, Clannad OST is Best OST. So many of those themes instantly make me cry when I hear them. T__T -Arvis
  9. Yeah, like I said, she definitely won me over. But now, this begs the question: who will replace her as Worst Girl, for me? Early odds favor Mio Nishizono... >.> -Arvis
  10. RT @robin_haase: Great practice with Steve Johnson..... And with great I mean, it can't be worse next time. http://t.co/YBn0SnwHLa

  11. Okay, folks, the break is over! I have picked LB back up and played about an hour today on my lunch break. Normally, there wouldn't be anything to report after such a short time, except I had stopped right before the baseball game. After losing 13 - 2 in my first game, I did... well, A LOT better this time around! I admit, though, that i used the lineup and positions suggested by the walkthrough. 13 - 2 just demoralized me way too much. So, basically... going into the final inning, I was actually winning 5 - 3! Rin even hit an inside-the-park home run to get us there! I was so proud of her. Then the Captains Team decided to score two runs without my getting a single out. So it was all tied up. At this point I was like "Well, I'm screwed." And then, who would go all Hero Mode on me but... KOMARI KAMIKITA!? The very next batter hit a pop-fly that Komari caught in the air for an out. I was like "Wow, that's surprising." But that wasn't all. A couple batters later, still tied at 5 - 5, Komari not only pulled ANOTHER fly ball out of the air, but made the throw to 2nd for the double-play! I was like "YES I LOVE YOU KOMARI!" So... all I needed was ONE run! One run and we're all celebrating a huge upset victory! I was getting goosebumps. This was my moment of triumph. Instead, after getting Kurugaya on base, I just got a bunch of outs and the game ended in a draw. A draw. 5 - 5. W. T. H. And what made it worse, was that, afterwards, all the characters kept talking about how they lost. I was like "We didn't lose, it was a draw, DANG IT!!" I can't believe they didn't write any script for a draw. *sigh* Also, I was able to end the Battle Rankings with Riki at the top! Sweeet! But I don't think anything happened. Not sweet. I guess you need to get to the top before a certain date in order to unlock
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