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  1. What a nice coincidence I was actually going to write something here :)

    Anyways, since the very first post I have to admit I did not do anything with the game, I had ans still have my french rewrite translation project ongoing and my life has also been a clusterfuck mess during the past year.

    As I mentioned at the very beginning of this thread this is a side-project until I finish rewrite meant to work on my Japanese. I do intend to finish it at some point but don't expect it anytime before 2017.

    Here's what I've done so far (I'll also update my website):

    - Extraction of scripts and images to the right format.

    - Scripted line count has given me 85.5k lines, /!\ This is not the real number of lines in the game. Problem is, the scripts actually have sentences cut into pieces so 1 lines in-game can be 3 to 4 lines inside the script.

    - I've set up all my advancement monitoring tools (scripts + excel sheet) to keep a better track while I'm busy with other stuff.

    - I have translated in both french and english around 300 lines.

    Also here's the website where I'll post updates: https://astraythem.wordpress.com/


    Finally, I'll be moving to Japan in January for a year WHV and will be taking intensive classes there as well so expect quicker translation then.

  2. I really don't hate ISO at all, i use them all the tme for new eroge releases and stuff but since most of my games will wander around on some external drive it's worth taking the prepatched version of the game.

    And i don't really know how you can hate ISO, running alcohool, deamon tools or power iso is very easy and most translation group make easy to install patches

    I think pre-patched games only really work if the community is going to be behind it and willing to fix any issues that pops around and we surprisingly have done that very well. I'm very pleased with this side of the community as well as it being very nice and friendly :)

  3. I don't have any troubles installing VNs (or with computer/bat/command line) but all my VNs will end up being sent on my external HDD as prepatched games so i can run them anytime anywhere that's why having pre-patched versions will make me gain some time on all the installs.

    Also we have here a great community wich has found fixes for all pre-patched issues very quickly (i for example did it for rewrite), so even in the case some issues do appear we'll find how to fix it.

    It's also great for people who have little PC knowledge

  4. First Vn companies won't even respond to you if you ae an individual and if you write in english, that's a fact and you will have to deal with it. Second we can't know i advance how much a licence will cost, because before you even talk to a company about any cost you'll have to promote your projects with facts, figures, garanties & co.

    Then i think you are underestimating how much even a mid-popularity V licence would cost, it is pretty expensive, and will be even more if you don't have any contacts and reputation.

    When i had this idea when speaking with aaeru we did mention the fact there is a lot of work to do before even contacting anyone. I'm also waiting for something to come in some near future that might help.

    So please don't mess about with any VN companies wich might result in some crowdfunding hate from them with others if you mess up.

  5. Yeah, the real problem is the demand, we currently have big projects coming r(World end economica, kanon and katawa shoujou are coming out soon and i'm working on Rewrite)

    I guess our presence (Kawa-soft) at conventions all around France will help people get interrested in VNs.

    Also having all the scene speaking in one place would attract more people.

    Well if you aren't already registered feel free to do so: http://esprit-vn.fr/

  6. Yes they are since the kawa-soft team (wich i am in) were the ones who launched that forum.

    Well the french VN scene is pretty small that's mainly why there isn't much activity, but we hope we can make it more active with more users :)

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