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  1. OriginalRen's Figure Storage Wars!

    I am interested in the price of Kirito in box 2 (Bottom right) Also, how much would delivery be?
  2. I have trying to find where to buy anime replicas, specificaly the swords from bleach and SAO, anyplace I have looked seems to have no reviews and I cannot tell if they are legit or not. Does anybody know a website that I can get them from? (I would prefer if you or someone you know got something from there, just so I know it is legit.) Thank you. (Also, I hope I put this in the right forum section )
  3. Announcing my New YouTube Channel!

    just watched your otaku extravaganza video and it was cool, I have not got to listen too the fuwacast yet but is there a episode 2? I could only see 1 and 3.