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  1. So guys, i have this problem, i tried to move my Vns to my new laptop but Dracu Riot and Comyu doesnt work. My old laptop is win7 and my new laptop is win10. And it shows this notice, so any idea to solve it guys? thx and sorry for my bad english.
  2. Thx for the infoo . I heard this game already full translated, is that true?
  3. I tried to contact the admin on that website but no one respond it, I hope some tl group will pick up the project soon
  4. its not. I read it at another site (i forgot the link). But maybe those site's admin read that post
  5. so its just a rumour huh, what a letdown . If Fuwanovel has its translation group, i'll make a recomendation for dropped VN like Irotoridori no Sekai & Dracu Riot, i really want to play those two VN
  6. I heard that Fuwanovel has its own translation group, is that true?
  7. oh, and before i patch it, it worked fine
  8. oh, thx it worked. But after a few second, it suddenly stop working
  9. Uhm, okay guys, when i try to play Flyable Heart, this window pops out and says i must insert the CD So, where can i download the no dvd patch? THx and sorry for my bad english
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