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  1. 13 hours ago, MDruidd said:

    im writing on php, but i think if renpy there documentation about it for if else expression, you can search it for complex on renpy forum too. the basic expression is like this

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    if_statement -> "if" python_expression ":"

    elif_clause -> "elif" python_expression ":"

    else_clause -> "else" ":"


    if points >= 10:
       e "Congratulations! You're getting the best ending!"
    elif points >= 5:
       e "It's the good ending for you."
       e "Sorry, you're about to get the bad ending."



    Thanks! Will do!

  2. 21 hours ago, MDruidd said:

    i dont know about writting a VN plot, but i know a bit about programming.
    there a logical to get the result, example just like this:

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    if ($choice=1) {
        $data = "A";
    } elseif ($choice=2) {
        $data= "B";
    } else{
        $data = "C";
    so collect the previous data to get the result of next choice


    I use the open-source software, "RenPy." Are you familiar with it, or do you program using something else?

  3. 14 hours ago, Chronopolis said:

    Generally, you have three things: branches, flags (inactive or active), branches, and number parameters (such affection or trust level).

    So you have a common route, and they branch off at some point to the main routes. How the branches split off is totally up to you.

    If you mainly want to tell a story, I'd recommend just having a very simple branching structure (you can have optional side events though.) A single choice in an critical part of the story can be way more effective than pointless choices every 10 minutes.

    If you want to make something more game-like, like a western interactive novel, well that has its own complexities in how to make the branching work with the narrative. For sure they will use flags and number parameters.

    Ahh, I think i kind of understand that! It's kind of difficult finding when to put a pointless choice and when to put an important choice. As much as I want more content in the game, I don't want to put the reader's on a wild goose chase!

  4. As the title suggests, I'm having trouble going about starting my own personal Visual Novel project. I have experience playing Little Busters and I am truly inspired by how much content is in the game. My only question is how they manage to include different and unique content in each route and each different choice you make. I was wondering if someone could explain a strategy that is used prior to writing the script that could help me manage a flowchart well. Thanks!

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