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  1. As the state is already around 56%, i would personaly go with option 1. until the translation is 100% complete. Later ingame, it's just a few lines away from next schedule or decisions. Just stamp it as known Bug for greater justice Thus, i think the translation is more important - thank you for your work @RaurosFalls
  2. If you take a look at the savegame, it remembers the text when saved: Offset(h) 00 01 02 03 04 05 06 07 08 09 0A 0B 0C 0D 0E 0F 000000F0 F6 54 68 61 6E 6B 66 FF 75 6C 6C 79 2C 20 69 74 öThankfÿully, it 00000100 FF 20 77 61 73 20 6A 75 73 FF 74 20 66 61 74 69 ÿ was jusÿt fati 00000110 67 75 FF 65 2C 20 62 75 74 2E 2E FF 2E 00 74 6F guÿe, but..ÿ..to 00000120 20 68 65 72 FF 20 72 6F 6F 6D 20 74 6F FF 64 61 herÿ room toÿda I compared all files with kdiff3 and searched for broken lines, and yes, the main problem is the saving / loading behavior from the game. Luckily, it doesn't happen when saving at schedule or decisions to make. I have already translated a few games, i learned that the best solution is not to make huge changes when encountering such problems like in musumaker hd. To keep files close to their original, also allows easier tracing if you encounter any problems.
  3. I found the reason why loading fails when text gets displayed. It's the extra lines in the translation files. Ex. --------------------------- 致命的エラー --------------------------- ERROR : (60057行目) ['='がありません] Thankfully,. --------------------------- OK --------------------------- TL File: @Miu,B01462 Yes, she's asleep now. @ She looks in front of her at Karin breathing softly in bed. @ There was no bad-mouthing when I came into her room today. layerchange 1,"chara\美雨\小HD\メイド\閉_哀.png" @Miu,B01463 Thankfully, it was just fatigue, but... @Itsuki I know... Original file: @美雨,B01462 「ええ、今は眠ってます」 そう言って視線を下ろす先には、ベッドで寝息を立てるかりん。 この部屋に入る度に言われる憎まれ口も、今は閉ざされていた。 layerchange 1,"chara\美雨\小HD\メイド\閉_哀.png" @美雨,B01463 「幸い、ただの疲労ということですけど………」 @樹 「分かってる……」 Every line has to be at the exact same position it was, no extra line, no extra @ where it doesn't belong. As test, i did a quicksave where i know it will throw an error. I removed a few empty lines > loaded > worked BUT it jumped to a few lines after " Thankfully, "
  4. Currently i'm checking the files, it might take a while...
  5. That's very weird, i've tested it and voice for all girls works well for me even after loading from schedule screen. The loading issue indicates that there is a missing = Ex. --------------------------- 致命的エラー --------------------------- ERROR : (60031行目) ['='がありません] I heard. --------------------------- OK --------------------------- --------------------------- Fatal error --------------------------- ERROR : (line 60031) ['=' Missing] I heard. <-- That's the text when saving --------------------------- OK --------------------------- To trace it properly, i need the unedited musumaker hd files or how to extract the bin files.
  6. I played it today from start to end without hitch. Maybe it's just a minor bug like wrong file encoding. I had this problem twice, one time was because my system was set to default language when reading the files out with py script, and the other time happened because the editor that was used didn't honor it (now i'm using notepad++ utf-8 / shift-jis). Also it could be a removed or added letter at the wrong place in the game's files (kdiff3 might help).
  7. I have no problem with loading at all, just start it with " Local Emulator > Run in Japanese (Admin) ". (Even translated, the game contains japanese vars for scripts and breaks without true or emulated enviroment) Just train the girls properly and use the shop when it's available.
  8. Yes, i have the same problem. To fix it, you have to open karin_qa.txt and remove all additional " Ex. addTextSelect 0,""Master's hard cock feels incredibly good!"" addTextSelect 1,""He was late, yet incredibly unbothered"" to addTextSelect 0,"Master's hard cock feels incredibly good!" addTextSelect 1,"He was late, yet incredibly unbothered" Do this for all lines starting with addTextSelect and you are good to go.