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  1. So people (and also among those who might be on the fbi list) Really wanted to discuss the whole aspect of branching narrative games in the west. Now I only played 2 visual novels in my life...steins gate and trashy voltage games. But I think that visual novels tend to be more successful at branching narrative. But looking at the flow chart of School Days...looks like you can end up with same heroine in different ways. I mean it is still binary in the way that you are either winning or failing to get your waifu/husbando. (Again I haven't played it, just making derivation) Contrast to game like Walking Dead and Life is Strange, I think they don't really succeed at being a branching narrative game (they have good story, but they don't really follow through choices matter). I am not surprised, the fact that it is episodic, has multiple seasons...there is no way they are able to carry it through out the game. I think the only game that succeeds at branching is Detroit Become human. It doesn't have an amazing story. But some of your choices, your failure really leaves tiny details that feels as though the narrative really mutated from what it could have been. It is still binary in a way but I think it succeeds more than other game. What do you guys think? (Also uhmm....recommend me a VN? something with branching narrative and/or the girl going with a good husbandos? or do you guys only know waifus?) edit 2: sorry I really didnt know if I should have posted this in general talk or in here....my bad if its in the wrong section