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  1. Ohh, is it worth it buying the old version, and can you link me to a page that has it in stock if you know of one? @Dreamsuyu
  2. okay, where can i purchase the game @Dreamysyu because amazon doesnt have windows 10 version, and i wuold like a digital copy if possible
  3. https://gyazo.com/2eecf0dde27601947f03e161c2b7807b heres the image of my files after the download from ameratsu translations.
  4. Sigles engine ran the program but the icon of rewrite with that name did not appear I have tried to download many times
  5. -Locale in Japanese -System Type: 64-bit operating System, x64-based processor -Windows 10 One thing I noticed is rewrite itself is not appearing in my Key/rewrite/ folder.