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  1. how do you play tsujidou-san virgin road? what translator do you use it?
  2. its not that the translator dont work i play the first game with the same VNR, the problem is that the VNR only detect the text from the options like fullscreem os window and dont detect the text from the game
  3. yeah the same problem, i dont found a problem yet, but if i solve the problem, im going to tell you
  4. do you play Virgin Road with a machine translator?, i tried play Virgin Road with VNR but they didnt detect the text sorry, how do you play Virgin Road, like, in japanese or with a machine translator and what translator
  5. sorry i didnt saw your question, like Striker said, you have to install the 1.03 update and drag the exe to the alpharom windows and there you have it, tell me if you have my error
  6. thanks for your answer, first i really dont undertand what do you mean in that "bunch of hooligans " you know, like i said before im argentinian so i dont undestand your "special langague" xD, in the other case, yeah i going to try asking in that link thanks a lot
  7. there you have it http://vnr.aniclan.com/upload/Visual_Novel_Reader(EN).rar
  8. i already play Sorcery Jokers and Tsujidou-san no Jun ai Road and they are so good!!, now im going to play the sequel of Tsujidou-san no Jun ai Road, Tsujidou-san no Virgin Road but the NVR dont Detect the Dialogues i got this problem
  9. Fist at all sorry!, im form "argentina" so english its not my language So i download the visual novel/eroge "Tsujidou-san no Virgin Road" and register the novel in the VNR but When i tried to detect de Dialoges, it seems that The program only detect the words from the Windows Visual Novel, i tried removed the Option that let the Option from the game (like full scream, windows mode, resolution etc), (if that dont undestand very well, im referring the words on the left corner) But didnt works, I also Tried in the prequel "Tsujidou-san no Jun'ai Road" (i know that they have already a Englis
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